Ill Talk w/ Copywrite #Part1


What is hip hop to you and what is not?

To me, Hip Hop is anything risky and from the heart involving vocal poetry, scratching and or drums. I think that the limits have been stretched beyond the stereotypical "Graf, DJing,Emceeing & Breakdancing. Don't get me wrong, those are all the classic elements but it is NOT limited to those because it has no limits. If it had limits, we would have hit a ceiling years ago.

What are your impressions of the Hip Hop scene out here in the islands?

I think there are a lot of very dope artists out here. Mox,Tasho,Creed (even though he moved to AZ, he's still 808, DJ Bones (Got Rice Show) Jimmy Taco, JP Beats (produced of the Kurupt co-signed album on Universal, "The Academy" dropping in Nov.), I'm sure I'm forgetting a few more heads. Q-Bert, Kanye is out here. One trip out here i met Pete Rock,Pusha T & Rhymefest all in the same trip. They were working on Kanye's last album.

How valuable was XXL's positive album review?

To me, it meant a lot. I kept telling myself & my friends they had to give me either an XL or XXL rating..then it dawned on me, "No, they didn't. lol Who am I? Why would they give my little ole album a fair shot? We had no payola for them." I actually saw the magazine the same morning of my last trip here to Honolulu, 3 hours before my flight took off, actually. It made me real happy because they said everything I hoped they would & that I felt "life & Times" deserved. Plus, I was happy because I knew my mom would have been uber proud of her son.

Looking back on the "personal tragedies" XXL refers to in their album review, how have those past experienced made you an overall better person today?

That album was my therapy session. I was real self destructive & borderline suicidal after losing my mom. I had a plan in the back of my mind to just get on heroin or something & fade away slow..then the fighter in me kicked in & cancelled the pitty party. I realized I had to use my tragedies to help others going through what I had went/going through the same thing.I'm in a REALLY good place now thanks to my relationship with Jesus Christ & my understanding of God & the cycle of life/death. Devil almost had me. Sucks for him.

part 2 ain't no joke either..come back for more. Mahalos!

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