Real Talk w/ DJ Matt Ratt *part2


Describe what your party face looks like?

It says "Are we having fun yet?" really loudly.

How did you get yo DJ name yo?

It's actually a name I got in highschool. Me and my friends were eating lunch in the hallway and I was crouched over eating bread or something. My friend yelled out "Matt! You look like a fucking rat!". It stuck ever since.

Most annoying song request ever?

The ones that make you go "say it, don't spray it".

Most annoying person to ever request a song?

It's really had to say, I like playing what ever people want to hear so it takes a lot to actually annoy me. Although it is kind of funny when people request a song while it's already playing. It happens more often than not!

Would you ever play a Filipino dance track at the club?

If it sounds good, sure why not.

Venues who would like to rock that are outside of Chinatown?

I want to play everywhere. As much as I play for the crowd, I would like the opportunity to prove to myself that I can play for any type of crowd.

Last DJ gig and your fondest memories from it?

Last gig I had was at Apartment 3 for the Supper Club. It's super fun playing there because there's always some type of private party going on and I'll have no idea what kind of crowd I'm going to be playing for. It challenges me to change it up and allows me to show my appreciation for all genres of music.

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