Ill Talk w/ Jack Beats #LoveFestHi


*Interview with Beni G. of JB.

I believe it was Tiesto who said pop music is benefiting more from electronic music's recent popularity more so than electronic music is benefiting from invading pop, what's your take on that statement?

I think everyone is benefiting from electronic music's recent invasion of pop...doors are being opened for talented otherwise underground electronic producers, and on the other side some pop artists are given a little edge by association.

Since many people think Jack Beats is one single dude (apposed to being a duo), if you had to choose between being Jack or being Beats, who would be the cooler person to be?

Its all about the beats.

As far as summer festivals go, what was the first ever music festival you ever attended as just a regular fan/party participant and what was the first ever festival Jack Beats was a part of?

Personally the first festival I went to as a partyer was prob an early rave in the 90's called World wasn't a festival as such, and it doesn't exist now, but was more like 20,000 people in a disused aircraft hanger in the uk all dancing on drugs.

Not sure the first festival we've done together as Jack Beats...could have been either Glastonbury or Hardfest in LA.

You guys are of course headlining the Love Festival with Diplo, do you know him personally?

Yeah we know Diplo, lots of shows all over the place have meant we've spent many nights stealing his rider...

What is the best and worst thing about Angry Birds?

Best thing about angry birds is it IS angry birds, and there is no worst thing, I would swap my family for a go.

Planking seems to be the new trend of the moment, do you guys plank?

We are both planking virgins, but I'm sure our day will come. it hasn't really caught on in the uk yet for some reason...I think everyone would rather be in the pub

Final words about playing this Saturday at the Love Festival, traveling to Hawaii or anything else?

Can't wait to play, amazing to come to hawaii to play and think the festival is gonna be awesome. looking forward to it very much, see you all there!

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