Real Talk w/ Matt Ratt #Part1


5 things people need to know about Matt Ratt?

1) I can't hear you.
2) What? It's really loud in here, still can't hear you.
3) I will get to your request if I have it.
4) I drink gin & tonics.
5) I take drinks as tips.

5 things people need to know about Matt Aczon?

1) I'm older than you think.
2) My favorite food is ramen.
3) I enjoy a good read.
4) I back the working class.
5) I admire and appreciate all local artists in Hawaii.

Residencies and why they are dopesauce?

I play almost every event at Nextdoor for M.O.M. (Motown on Mondays), Acid Wash, Broadcast, The Blow-Up, and Next Coast. I've opened up for some pretty amazing acts like Flying Lotus, Toro Y Moi, and DJ Craze just to name a few, and for that I am very grateful to my fam out there in Chinatown.

I'm also one of the rotating DJs for the Supper Club at Apartment 3 on Saturdays, the Slow & Low dubstep monthly at Lotus Downtown, and for different events by Contrast Magazine and Flux Hawaii.

Do you plank?

I would but I'd do it injustice (big Filipino butt).

Do you dougie?

Oh, the Douglas. I give pilates classes on the weekends as well. Would you like me to instruct you?

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