Ill Talk w/ DJ White Chocolate


Back in Hawaii: How come, how long you been back, where you spinning @ these days?

Yes White Chocolate has returned, I’m calling it an “Open Ended Vacation” and a much needed one at that but with all intentions of heading back to the desert when the time is right. My return has many reasons, some of which were family things I had to take care of (nothing bad), a relaxing break from the Vegas madness and after my deployment to Afghanistan I found that I lost touch with my skill, drive and passion for Djing. So being able to live stress free with the parentals I am able to take all the uninterrupted time to bring Dj White Chocolate back and on track. Still a work in progress...with that being said you can catch me in the mix at Red Lion Waikiki on most Friday nights, by choice I just wanted to play at small secluded spots where I can be me and have fun.

What led to your move to Vegas? Was it all that it was cracked up to be and more?

Aside from better pay and more job opportunity I ultimately wanted to challenge myself and see if I could take it to the next level, the level that Hawaii nightlife (at that time) wouldn’t work with the new generation of club goers. I wanted to perform for people who wanted to go out, have a good time, not afraid to spend a little money and also not afraid to trust the dj. I’m not going to lie, I was having my doubts, not being able to network due to lack of time, money etc. But after about 4 months I landed a live audition at a small local spot call “The Red Room Saloon” I knew this was my only chance and gave it my all. I ended up receiving a phone call about a week later and they not only gave me a residency but own exclusive Friday nights. That was all the exposure I needed and it was just uphill from there.

Dope Vegas memories?

Why do I draw a blank when I hear this question? Could it be most of my memories involved lots of alcohol and crazy nights and blackouts? (laughs) On a real note though every memory from day one, good or bad, in Vegas has been dope thanks to my 808/702 fam Mr. Goodvybe, Jenny Love, Free isabelo and Jeremy & Shelly Yoza just to name a few that made Vegas feel more like the 9th island.


Who came up with your DJ name?

Man do I get this question a lot, but before I can answer everyone cuts me off and gives their own definition of how I got the name. The man who came up with the name (drum roll please) was Kamu, former promotions director of I-94 and yes I said I-94..I’m OG like that (laughs) It was during a promotion’s meeting when I used to intern for the station, it came to everyone’s attention that the current alias I was going by wasn’t suiting me so they put it to a vote and white chocolate was born.

If you were coming up as DJ today would it be easier or more difficult to “break in to the game” so to speak?

After my return I’ve seen so many new faces in the dj booth, some of which aren’t too bad and others need to get back into the bedroom. So with that experience and like I said before with the new technology making it easier to mimic the craft, I would have to say it is a lot easier to break into the game today. Any new up and coming dj reading this, welcome to the lifestyle and all I ask is that if you’re going to do it, do it right, pay your dues like the rest of us and learn it and don’t try to cheat your way to the top.

“DJing is a lifelong passion” would you agree with that statement?

I agree 110 percent, anyone who has entered the lifestyle and acquired the passion will always have what I call “The Itch”. Even if they hang up the headphones and box all there vinyl away in storage for whatever their reason will always have the itch to do it again. I myself speak from experience, I tried to hang up the headphones and do the work 9-5 family thing but it was only a matter of time I was back behind the wheels of steel.

Favorite Hawaii residencies? Favorite residencies/clubs you’ve spun at outside of the H.I.?

I was truly blessed to have all the residencies I had in the 808 but if I had to name a few that stood out as favorites they would be Venus lounge when ran by Ryan Chang of IslandFire, The Wave Waikiki where I got to be a part of history and Nobless for body english, tag teaming with Mr. Goodvybe, Technique, Dj Edit, DJ betty along with Doc Roc and being able to make youngin’s dance and sing along to 80’s and alternative songs like it was the new hotness was an awesome time.


How has Hawaii's DJ scene changed in your eyes?

First off I want to say Hawaii has some of the dopest Dj’s in the U..S., I mean I wouldn’t be here today if I wasn’t inspired by them but the “Hawaii Dj Scene” has changed since I left. It has gotten better in ways and worse in ways. One better thing I noticed is that none of them have gotten lazy, they all continue to strive to better their skills in the craft and it shows but the worse I don’t think it has as much to do with the dj as it does the music industry, radio and party goers. Hawaii’s new and younger scene is very picky one so I’ve noticed.

Other than undercutting what is a DJs worst enemy?

Drunken obnoxious party goers with dumb requests would be one (laughs) and as for undercutting... well you get what you pay for right? But real talk I feel that technology is becoming our worst enemy. Don’t get me wrong, I love serato but since its birth so many other tools have bloomed. I mean a controller that beat matches and syncs your music with the push of a button? It’s crazy knowing that now some dude off the street can become a “dj” by reading an instruction manual.

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