Ill Talk w/ DJ Shift #BOAY


What's your opinion on the recent alcohol ban at Sandbar?

I'm all for the alcohol ban. Going out to the sandbar is about having
fun and socializing with friends. Granted alchohol does help loosen
the mood and make it a little more enjoyable, but when people don't
know how to handle their liquor that's when things go bad.

With so many DJs on this island, how is that a good and a bad thing
and how do you try and stand out from the crowd?

Having alot of DJs is never a bad thing. It's always nice to be able
to hear how others put together their sets. It makes it a little
harder to get a gig sometimes since their are alot of us but that's
cool.... I do my best to stand out by playing a wide variety of music
instead of jus the current 4 songs that are on the air playing 10
times an hour. I'm not scared to drop some crazy song like girls jus
wanna have fun at somewhere like Bar7 on a friday night or get into a
gnarly tear your face off dubstep set at Ginza. Deep down inside the
people listening love it.

What's right about Hawaii's growing Electronic Dance Scene?

What's right is it's GROWING hahaha. It was so dead and stagnant for
so long and it's awesome to see the scene growing again. I remember
when Livewire threw it's first anniversary party.. It was at Venus
(Bar7) we packed the place and raged all night long with the couple
hundred people that were into it at the time. Now we got parties that
pack Aloha Tower with couple thousand people raging out to
international Headliners with several stages showcasing Local talent.
Pretty much it's pretty F*****N BOAY!!!

What was your last crazy experience DJing?

Hmmmmm The last crazy experience would have to be at House of Wax 6.
Vibe was going super awesome I had the sideroom raging and packed...
Mainroom was going bonkers and right when I dropped the first track to
peak out my set we get shut down.... couple minutes later when we were
trying to figure things out the whole sideroom started chanting
"Shift!" Never really had a whole bunch of people do that for me so it
was kinda cool. Plus we threw a House of Wax 6 part 2 the next day and
i got to play on the Alpha rig on main stage and dropped a pretty sick
dnb set for the people that were there.

How did your recent trip to Vegas inspire you to continue to play kick
ass music?

I didn't go to vegas.... My friends decided it would be funny to
tag me in all their check-ins to make me Jealous... those bastards...
Thanks for asking though hahahaha. But I'm pretty sure if I did go and
got to party with the 100,000 plus people up there I would be playing
EDM on all my nights a hell of alot more than I do now lol

Is Dubstep taking over Hawaii and the world for that matter, what got
you hooked on the genre?

Dubstep is definitely blowing up and I love it. Nothing beats grimy
basslines and crazy wobbles infused with gnarly 8bit video game sounds
and other noises i never knew existed. First time I heard dubstep it
was more on the mellow dry and heavy kinda sound. Real minimal and
chill…. Then slowly some of the breaks and drum and bass producers
I’m into started making tracks with a little more grime and a little
bit more wobble, then over the past 2 years it’s jus grown into this
crazy sound that creeps up on you gets in your face and jus attacks
you with craziness and next thing you know it you’re standing there
all confused like “what the hell just happened?” That’s pretty much
what got me hooked. Me likey the Grimey

Current Residencies and what makes each one dope.

Bar7 – Mon, Tue, Fri – Good place to keep the party going till 4am
after all the 2 o’clock spots close.
V-Lounge – Thurs – Pizza is life changing….. If you haven’t checked
it out you’re missing out.
Ginza – Fri, Sat – It’s where the party’s at.

What does the rest of the summer have in store for you?

Working on a couple mixes right now for both clubheads and edm peeps.
As for events not sure yet, jus gonna have to keep checking my FB to
see what’s goin on. Just do a search for Shift_

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