Ill Talk w/ DJ Rayne #PartOne


"Work All Day, Play All Night"..speak on it......

It amuses me that you said this, because, I kinda live by this rule. I have always been a hard worker and even harder of a player. Although the conflict of having a day job, remodeling custom homes and night clubs (The Wave, Evolution,The Asylum and now SOHO) and being a DJ at night is hard, I am always up for the challenge. I find it hard to not keep myself occupied, always learning and working my skills in both occupations and I keep going full speed, never letting up. After 15 years in the Hawaii electronic Scene, I think I have definitely mastered the art of Partying and DJing. I have always been at the top of the game, and I rock the largest dance floors that Hawaii has to offer. My new home SOHO, is the ultimate power house for electronic music and I am the head resident DJ.

It may be a bit hard to put into words but describe how passionate you are for DJing and Dance music?

There have been a few times in my career recently, where I thought it would be a positive life decision to retire from DJing. And I did for about 2 years. The one overwhelming feeling that I could not get over during those times of absence from the nightlife scene was the void in my life that was created by not being able to express myself creatively with music. I missed the bounce of the crowd in front of me. I missed performing. It was so overwhelming that I kinda slipped into a state of depression for a bit. Once I realized why I was so down, I decided to come back into DJing, only to find that I had been replaced by a new generation of DJs. Realizing that I couldn't just pick up where I left off, I came back with aggressively. It wasn't very long after that, that I had reinstated my name into the scene and people then realized that I meant business and I wasn't to be taken lightly.. But in reality, I was rubbing off several months of retirement depression and taking it out on the dance floors. Thats when I f found my Hard Electro Sound that my new cd is based on. It reminds me of the Heavy Metal and Rock that was the driving force of my youth. I use to be in a rock band, ripping through rock chords on my guitar, and now, I do it through Hard Electro House, which gives me the same release. To this day, behind the decks, you will still see me with one hard in the air, throwing the "Devil Sign" that Ozzy Ozbourne made famous back in the 80's. I may only be a DJ now, but I still rock harder than anyone. It is my way of life. Music has always been a way of life for me. I may not be able to express my feelings in words, but I can definitely do it on stage. Honestly, I fear I may become the Keith Richards of DJing. I will be old as hell and still not skipping a beat.


Dance Music, for me is the ultimate in emotional music. It can take so many forms and cater to so many different feelings, because it, in fact, is emotionally driven. Thats why I love it. It balances my own emotions. Making me happy when I am sad, allowing me to release my frustrations when necessary, and enhancing my joys in life. I look at each track that I play and compare it to human emotions and how it makes me feel when I listen to it. Sometimes hard, sometimes funky, sexy, aggressive, uplifting, jazzy or just plain powerful. Then I look at my dj sets that I play for crowds as an emotional journey. I have always felt that it is my job as a dj to take people of one frame of mind and bring them to another place of being. My sets are always an emotional journey. I think thats why I connect with so many people when I play.

First Friday, your birthday, cd release party, it seems you got the makings of a great night. Where do you hope JULY 1st will rank among your greater DJ memories/accomplishments?

After recently winning the title of Hawaii’s #1 Electro DJ in a recent competition, I felt that it was only proper to come out with a new mix CD. SOHO, being my new home and residency was the only option for this party. And since it is my birthday, i thought, why the hell not? I have had some amazing moments and times in my career, such as The ID4 rave that Kaizo and the Imaginary Friends threw, My residencies at the Wave and the W Hotel are among the top so far. But I alway feel the need to out do my own accomplishments. This First Friday will not only be the Grand Reopening of SOHO after all the hard work I have put forth remodeling it but the beginning of a new chapter of my career. I am putting forth all that I have inside of me to make this the best damn club, not only in China town but it the entire state! And I have the love and support of an amazing group of people at SOHO that allow me to express my music freely. People should expect to see a better and more mature SOHO Nightclub and what I feel is my best Mix compilation to date. I have hired some of the best Gogo dancers in the state to perform. We have the best visual VJ in the state performing, the best Emcee in the state and a few of the best DJs in the state including DelSol from Maui. At SOHO, you will only get the best of the best and you can always expect that from me.

TBA Bitchnitchez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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