DJ Rayne’s Bangin’ Top 5: Hawaii DJs

DJ Del Sol (Maui) A life long friend of mine who has been djing for quite a few years more than me. Always a crowd rocker and one of the heads of the Maui Scene.

DJ Technique I have watched this guy go from being a little kid into being one of the baddest DJs in Hawaii. He just won the DJ competition at Mai Tai’s this year and he deserved it!


Miko Franconi of SoundSex My new DJ partner on First Fridays at SOHO. Our Styles compliment each other so well, I love Tagging with him.


DJ Packo Just saw him play after me at the last BOAY Day BBQ at Ka’ka’Ako. He mixes well and is quite creative and entertaining to watch.


David Backes (Jacksonville, FL) Formerly a Hawaii resident DJ and my best friend, he is by far the most underrated DJ in history. His mixes are perfect and beautifully set up. I just wish he had more time in his life to devote to the art...

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