Ill Talk w/ Vinroc *part 2 #That’sThat


What is the better way to make music for you personally, analytic (breaking a track down to small sections),by feel or both?

I dont read notes so for me It's mostly feel. I think from years of Djing, I can hear chords that just "vibe". I'll play some shit on the piano and not know what I'm doing but its melodic to me probably from a catalog of similar records/samples and sounds in my head. like arrangements on a piece is second nature to me. I don't usually count bars but instinctively know the hook should come in here, the bridge here etc.I picked it up from years of listening to records Djs play. Musicians on the other hand might not be on the "hit record" format Djs play so I'm somewhere in the middle being a DJ/producer. of course there is some math involved but music to me is more about a Feeling

What do you want people to know about your label?

ThatsThat Label is the culmination of all my failures. I know that sounds funny but for years I was trying to get music placed on small labels,big labels you name it. The struggle to put your own music out really dealt a big blow to my confidence. When I decided to build the label as an avenue to release my own unreleased music and other folks music I enjoy, it became a source of strength for me. I built the label blog, learned video editing and created some of the music videos, do some marketing, produce music and DJ. Everyday I put my effort into it it feels like I can do this without the approval of anyone else in the industry and grateful for every new fan that discovers the label.It's an everyday struggle but its made me a better man to take matters into my own hands. Whether people love or hate the music I cant control. But knowing I'm doing me and standing on my own two feet, ThatsThat shit everybody aspires to be..

The Hipster movement is alive and well these days, since it very well draws a lot of its influence from music what are your thoughts on hipsters and do they have a place in your personal definition of hip hop?

Hip Hop is evolving to something very unfamiliar for many of us. its just the natural evolution of things so I don't wanna judge the people who are enjoying it and becoming involved with the culture. Even my own personal tastes have evolved. I'm hoping to drop my own album this year and I think I will surprise a lot of people as to where I am musically. Every generation is gonna think their version or music was better then whats out now but I think we just need to find the good in whats happening now and just roll with it and enjoy.


Filipino grinds. Speak on some of your favorites.

If I could I would eat Bangus(Milk Fish) all day eryday. and Sisig,Silogs of any variety, sinigang to wash it all down.LOL.. But I’m on a 30 day rice fast this month so I need to not think about this.

Grind spots. Do you have any favorites in Hawaii?

ZIppys! but seriously, I think the best would be hanging with some locals at a BBQ for that Island experience with folks. any Hawaiian females who want to feed me please let me know.LOL!

What does the rest of 2011 have in store for you?

I’m hoping to drop my album the Revealing before the end of summer and a few new music videos I’ve been producing to support it. I’ve become more of a hybrid visual and musical artist as of late..It’s going to be pretty diverse musically so I think people who have a certain perception of me will be surprised. who knows I might even find a whole new fan base who have never heard of me. But like I said whether they hate it or love it, I’m doing me and thats all you can do in this Life.

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