Ill Talk w/ Worthy *Part 2


How as being part of the DirtyBird Ohana (fam) made you a better DJ, producer, party animal etc.?

Being part of dirtybird has really helped to push me into becoming a way better DJ and producer than I think I would have been without meeting the rest of the crew. In the beging we all of us where trying to out do each other on the decks, which pushed me to search out and create my own sound and dig deeper for tunes. As I started creating music I have always had them there to take a listen and give me feedback on how to make my music better and also pick up studio tricks too.

I understand you recently toured Europe what were some of the highlights?

My best gig over there was in St Gallen, Switzerland. At a club called kugl. It was so good, a thousand plus people going absolutely nuts. Another one was at suicide circus in Berlin where I played with my friend Oliver$, nobody parties like the way they do in Berlin, they go all night into the next day. It was a great time the whole time I was over there though.

If you could narrow down your 5 biggest accomplishments in music what would they be and why?
1. Being part of dirtybird.
2. Writing “Irst Te?” …. My first hit
3. Starting my label Anabatic Records ..
4. Writing “Work The Walls” – my second hit which I did a music video for too
5. Joining “Blue Collar Ent” - the first booking agency I joined.

What is the biggest compliment an artist has ever given you on one of their songs you remixed?

Probably would be Carl Cox saying that I was the new sound on his radio show.

How do you try to make a remix your own while still keeping some of the tracks original elements?

That is hard sometimes. I guess it depends on how much I like the original sounds. If I am not so into the sounds, I usually end up making them really different from the original. But I always twist the sounds they give me, but it can end up sounding entirely different.

What does the rest of the year have in store for you?

After this I have the dirtybird Party in San Francisco in two weeks, and then some gigs in Vancover and Seattle. But, I am really looking forward to playing out at the Burning Man festival the most at the end of the summer.

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