Ill Talk w/ Worthy #DirtyBirdie


You’re music and ill tunes prove that you are “worthy,” what’s the story behind your DJ name?

My Dj name comes from my middle name which is Worthington. In college a friend of mine started calling me Worthy, short for Worthington. When I started Djing after I moved to SF I thought that I should go with Worthy since it was connected to my real name.

What did you appreciate most about growing up on the east coast and what do you appreciate more about living on the west coast?

I loved growing up on the east coast. I heard a lot of different types of music from having so many cities so close to each other with there own culture. On the west coast I love the laid back culture of the people and it is a bit more free spirited. There is no way that an outdoor party like dirtybird started out as could ever occur and develop the way it has on the west coast. On the east coast it would have been shut down instantly.


What do you recall most about your trip to Hawaii last year?

I remember the crowd being so much fun and really being up for the music that I was playing. I felt like I could bring the music in any direction and it would go down. I was also jumping up and down, and any set where I get to doing that is always great.

Dirty Bird and Hawaii have got to know a lot about each other recently, what is the story behind the Dirty Bird-Hawaii connection?

Not exactly sure, but I think it came from Justin Martin coming over to play for Willis. I heard it went down so well. I think that really gave people an idea of what the dirtybird sound was about, which got everyone wanting to hear the rest of the crew.

How do you try to make a remix your own while still keeping some of the tracks original elements?

That is hard sometimes. I guess it depends on how much I like the original sounds. If I am not so into the sounds, I usually end up making them really different from the original. But I always twist the sounds they give me, but it can end up sounding entirely different.

Part 2 is sickly stay tuned!


Download Worthy Stoney Roads Presents: Mixtape Sundays with Worthy
Download Worthy Stoney Roads Presents: Mixtape Sundays with Worthy

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