Ill Talk w/ DJ Edit *part 2


How big is your music library and what were the last few genres or songs that you added and why did you add them?

Well with records, that's way too much for me to count on the wall but what I carry in my iTunes with me to gigs currently stands just over 12,000 tracks.

Now that summer is in full swing it seems that your new gig at Tsukiji's came out the right time. How do you plan on "making your mark" so to speak with this opportunity?

With my new weekly residency with Paul Brandon at Tsukiji's we're gonna bring back the flare and energy that we were known for at the original Ocean Club and Level 4. The new hot style in Hip Hop is that electro and electroclash crossover sound that Pitbull has been pushing for a few years and has brought LMFAO, David Guetta and Afrojack to become household names. With that said expect a lot of high energy house and a lot of what I've been known for since my years at Xyloh, playing what makes the party people hands go up... "and they stay there!!!!!"

Were you pleased with the feedback you received from your last mixtape?

To be completely honest, I've heard feedback from a lot of my fellow DJ's but not from a lot of those who got the mix at the CD release for MVMT VLIII at Oceans 808. I'd love to hear any and all feedback from everyone who got the mix that night and I'm sure DJ Sho would as well. You can reach us on our twitter handles @djedit and @djsho. We appreciate all your feedback and for those who have already voiced your opinion, we thank you and value your support!

How important is it to introduce people to new music/genres of music?

It's extremely important. Since I'm fan of pretty much anything I wanna pass that appreciation of the bigger picture on to the people at the club. I'd say it's like food, sure you can eat a hamburger everyday for lunch. But if you change it up and throw an avocado on it one day it makes your taste buds go crazy. That's what other genres of music are like, excitement on the dance floor!


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