Ill Talk w/ DJ Raf PT. 1


On the music tip, What are you personally trying to bring to the Hawaii scene?

My musical influences come from many genres like smooth jazz, 90s r&b, Hard Dance, Drum n Bass…. I love it all! I would say that right now I am focusing on pushing Hard Dance, Hard Trance, and Hardcore to Hawaii since it’s an under-represented style right now and it’s the styles I played when I first began DJing. It’s no secret that the dance music scene has exploded within this last year on the island in terms of attendance and with that comes more events, more up and coming DJs, and lots of top 40 promoters trying to get a piece of the pie. I figured if I just stick to these one or two styles that you won’t hear from any other DJ (besides a few close friends who share a common interest) on the island, I will stand out from the crowd.

Describe your sound in three words.
Energetic, melodic, emotional

Describe your personality in three more words.
Hyper, happy, determined

What do you thing is a better description: Hawaii’s dance music scene or Hawaii’s electronic music scene or do you have a name of your own?

Tough question. Even hip-hop can technically be considered electronic music if it’s not performed on traditional instruments like drums but I prefer to say dance music.


Tee Bee Aye. Oh Kay?

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