Na Hoku’s responds #HARA

“While I was very tempted to delete this comment and the attached video, I decided to leave it since I think it’s important to address it. You can feel however you like about the awards, and if you don’t like the process or outcomes, you should be a member (don’t know if you are or aren’t) and get involved with the organization, and get people who like your music to join, too. For the record, since this post will come up as being posted by the awards page, this is Keola Donaghy, a member of the board of governors. I’ve had six nominations and no wins, so obviously my serving on the board and name recognition hasn’t helped me win anything. If you only join to vote for yourself, you aren’t supporting your genre of music. If your music is that good that it deserves to get an award, keep at it. But you should learn a bit about the organization and the awards first, because your rap pretty well demonstrates that while you have a talent for words, you don’t have the facts to back them up.”

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