Ill Talk w/ Vegas Mike *Part 2 #AcidWash 2.0


With so much on your plate, how passionate are you about DJing?

With the new format at Acid Wash, I am rejuvenated to DJ again. The biggest problem I had with my Wed was, they aren't making any new 80s or 90s music and that stifled my creativity. The new set is HOT! And I'm looking forward to rockin' it for you guys at Next Door.

Why keep some your past achievements so quiet?

I don't know if I would consider not telling people my past accomplishments, "a secret". I just don't really talk about myself very much. I'm a quiet, humble person for the most part, and those who have taken the time to actually know me, know these things. Those who don't know me... Well, I guess they know now.

Success doesn't just happen. When preparation meets opportunity, you will find out what you are made of, and I have had plenty of both. So when someone underestimates me, I can smile, because I know something they don't. Who I am, and what I am capable of. You only get one go around in this life, I'm not wasting mine.

What other promotions are you currently involved with?

I have a night called NOIR, Saturday nights at Du Vin, which is a Buddha Bar style lounge, food and wine night with happy hour prices 10p-1a, very sexy date night stuff, and I'll play at Helicopter on Thursday's at Next Door occasionally, so I keep myself busy. We also have something coming up in September with the BAMP guys at their new place, but I'm not allowed to talk about that yet...


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