Ill Talk w/ Vegas Mike *Part 1 #AcidWash 2.0


Talk about your history in Hawaii nightlife?

In Aug of 05, I was brought out to Hawaii to be the operations manager for a brand new club called Next Door. No one knew what would come next, as far as the downtown scene blowing up the way it did, but we knew if we brought the right talent and threw the right events, people (should) come. Fortunately they did. Soon after getting Next Door up and running, the ownership asked me to produce a weekly event. I originally wanted Thursday, but that was taken, so I got Wednesday. I wasn't happy about that at the time btw. I mean, no one went out on Wednesday. It was a hard sell, but over the course of 6 months or so, Acid Wash Wednesday became a destination, and then became a legend. As with all weekly events, there are ups and downs, good times and bad, location changes (Living Room and SOHO), it has been a ride.

As soon as we announced that Acid Wash would be ending it's run on May 25th, offers came in from a bunch of different clubs came in to keep it going. I wasn't really thinking of moving it, we were ready to let it go, but when Next Door offered to move their Wed weekly "Broadcast" to Thursday, and slide "Helicopter" upstairs to the VIP room, in order to give me Wednesday again... How could I say no? The chance to bring it back to where it all began, was simply too tempting. So I am very proud to announce, beginning Wednesday June 8th, Acid Wash 2.0 will return to Next Door. Same vibe, updated format, (including new music that has been influenced by the past, IE: Crystal Castles vs Depeche Mode or Madonna vs Santigold) it's going to be a lot of fun. No cover, cheap drinks, goodtimes.


What are some of your interests and achievements outside of party promoting that people might not know about?

From 1998-2005 I was 1/2 of a production project in LA called, Digital Assassins. We toured extensively, produced music for Fast and Furious 1, Behind Enemy Lines, had a video on MTV, video games, commercials, the NBA, the Olympics, a lot of licences over the years. I produces events for the "Radio Music Awards", a Grammy Party for my boys (Deep Dish), movie premier for "All Access" (IMAX concert film) in NYC and "Hotel California" at WMC, back in 2000-2003. I have done a lot of event creation and production in my career.

Favorite Genre to play?

Most people in Hawaii know me primarily for playing 80s/90s, and I do love the genre, but break beat is actually my favorite stuff to play.

Promoting vs. DJing, what do you love about each?

Promoting is work. I know there are a lot of people out there that think anyone can do it, but I promise, it's harder than you think. Getting hundreds or thousands of people to come to your event, can be tricky. But when everything works out, it's pretty cool.
DJing is fun. Getting to play what you want to hear, rockin' a party, dictating the vibe of the room, putting smiles on faces and hands in the air... Who wouldn't love that?




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