Ill Talk w/ The Grouch *Part 3


I understand Zumbi became a father recently, has he ever asked you for advice on fatherhood? Have you tried to bless your boy with any advice?

Before they had the baby when they were here to do the album, Zumbi and his girl had a lot of questions. My wife and I pretty much ran down everything we know! After they had the baby and i saw Zumbi with his son for the first time he already looked like an old pro. He’s asked a couple questions here and there, some about our opinions on vaccinations and such but for the most part he looks to be doing a great job on his own!

I came across an interview where you say “if it was up to you there would be no money,” then a tweet that said you were trading LRG gear for coconuts.There’s a relation there somewhere, right?

I’m really feeling the concept of trading right now. I believe if I can bypass the exchange of money and still get the things I need then thats a good thing. I had some extra LRG clothes and know a tree climber that’s into it. We made it happen and we were both happy.

Anything else you would like to add about the tour and new album?

I just want to say come check us out at Next Door on June 1st. Thank you for your support, it genuinely means a lot to us!

In closing, it seems to me that you are genuinely happy, maybe the happiest you have ever been? What steps did you take to get there and what advice would you give to people striving for their “happy place” in life?

I believe that what I want in life is attainable and that my family and I deserve happiness. I try not to be materialistic with my goals. I’m not a perfect person and I don’t think I know everything.

I try to be good to people and the universe. In turn I know I’ve been blessed. I’d encourage people to do the same and never give up. Life has it’s ups and downs and it’s important to stay focus and to try and not be discouraged when the road is hard.

Photos by Steve Babuljak


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