Ill Talk w/ Angry Osna of the Angry Locals #NaHokuz


What went into making the album and how surprised were you by the nomination?

We ate Jack In the Box #3 combo meal aka JITB #3 with extra cheese, we also ate loco moco's cuz its all gravy, then we ate Zippy's chili. We basically ate our whole process of making this album so we're not surprised on the nomination. We did put in alot and alot of money to fast food restaurants to make this happen.

Talk a little bit about yourself and your music for people that might not be familiar.

We're Local and we're Angry... We're the "Angry Locals" Youtube it, Google it, iTunes it and find out for yourself!

Besides yourselves, who do the Angry Locals make music for?

Strippers, Car Mechanics, Construction Workers, Hotel Room Service employees, Stevedores, Pearl Harbor Shipyard crew, Ben Cayetano's campaign and other Angry Locals.

Career Highlights?

It matters what career you're talking about... Music, Porn or Pizza Deliveries?!?

What would it be like If you woke up tomorrow morning and discovered that Hawaii radio stations decided it was time to feature more Hawaii Hip Hop on local airwaves?

HONESTLY Ima be 100% real with you on this. Radio Stations is a big business to maintain and keep going. Hawaii HipHop is NOT going to pay your bills. If you're a Hawaii HipHop artist and you can't make a living off your own music what makes you think someone else is?!? There's not enough quality music to even be on radio (most people record at home & don't get there songs mastered)

Listen to the Radio in Hawaii now, they don't even play big name artist without a R&B feature. They played Eminem's single... with Rihanna, Jay-Z's single... with Alicia Keys, you gotta have Beyonce or Neyo or Trey Songz or some kind of Singing Hook to get radio play in Hawaii. When's the last time you heard a straight HIPHOP song on the radio??? If they don't give breaks to actually established artist they won't bother with Hawaii's artist.

How many artist in Hawaii are actually legit business wise? How many are registered with ASCAP or BMI etc... How many Hawaii HipHop artist pay taxes on their earnings in their music? I'm sure there isn't enough to make a impactful statement in the radio industry

There is a MILLION people in Hawaii and I'll go out and say not even 1% of our population genuinely supports Hawaii HipHop... Do the math!!! What Multi-Million Dollar Business Industry would invest their money into something that only applies to 1% when they have other options.

IF there was a Hawaii HipHop radio station would you even listen to it all the time? How much of your friends would? It'll be the same as radio stations now playing the same shit over & over. We honestly don't have enough music to be going on 24/7.

To answer your question... lol... if that happened tomorrow when I woke up I'd question how long is this going to last? Sorry I'm not a negative person I just have real grip on reality and its a been there done that situation so on a positive note I believe this is what its going to take to actually get to that point in radio play... Get a legit business for your music, make more quality music, push beyond your group of friends, brand yourself bigger then your music (people nowadays are celeb whores) the public cares about the person and their actions more then their music. People are only going to take you as serious as you take yourselves, how much time and money do you actually spend on your music? Do you go to the studio a couple hours a week? Do you pay for quality studio and production? I know Island Reggae artist who spend a years worth a salary on their projects. -

Music IS Art AND Business, to be successful you need BOTH!!!

How familiar are you with the other nominees?

I really don't know any of 'em but I heard that guy IA likes to put Godiva Chocolate on people's ballz while they sleep and tickle it with his Freddy Krueger claw.

Will the Angry Locals be attending Sunday’s awards show?


Acceptance speech. Prepared or freestyle it?

You know how we do... off the top son!

Real Talk, is it really an honor just to be nominated?

I'm not getting a boner from being nominated but it does look good on a resume.

No B.S. You guys really do want to win don’t you?

No I want to lose...

If the Angry Locals name is called as the winner, how much will winning mean?

It'll mean someone cheated and let Bu La'ia count the votes!



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