Ill Talk w/ Siaosi #NaHokuz


What went into making the album and how surprised were you by the nomination?

A lot of patience and hard work went into my solo debut album. With the help of producers Fiji and Laga Savea the album would still be "just an idea". I got a lot of help from my toko's (brothers) Hot Rain, Kiwini and J Boog throughout the process and came out with the "Blue Room". It's an honor to be nominated and very unexpected. Yes I was very surprised!

Talk a little bit about yourself and your music for people that might not be familiar.

I'm a city boy born in Hawaii raised in California/Hawaii. I love to write music about events in my life as well as the people around me. My album the "Blue Room" was pretty much made up of things I was going through at that time.


Besides yourself, who do you make music for?

I really just write for myself. I haven’t really written anything major for anyone but verses here and there.

Career Highlights?

Traveling! I love performing overseas and seeing the amount of people that enjoy our music. Oh and being in the same room at the airport in Tahiti with Lee Ann Rimes haha!

What would it be like If you woke up tomorrow morning and discovered that Hawaii radio stations decided it was time to feature more Hawaii Hip Hop on local airwaves?

I think that shaking it up a bit ain’t a bad thing :0)

How familiar are you with the other nominees?

I know some of the fellas work and am very privileged to even be in the same category. I’ve been a fan of Mox for a very longtime and plan on doing some work with him on some up coming projects

Will you be attending Sunday’s awards show?

Not too sure yet but I’ll know by this week haha!

Acceptance speech. Prepared or freestyle it?

Honestly I’d have to freestyle ’cause winning is the farthest thing from my mind haha!

Real Talk, is it really an honor just to be nominated?

Anyone who notices your hard work is always an honor. So yes I would have to say it is.

No B.S. You really do want to win don’t you?

On the real it doesn’t matter to me. Win or lose I’m still gonna continue to push to break boundaries and fight to keep the Hawaii push going. Nah but winning isn’t a bad thing Haha!

If your name is called, how much will winning mean?

Like I said that’s the last thing on my mind. Winning or losing is not gonna determine my future as a musician.

Final thoughts.

Just like to thank GOD for keeping me alive and healthy. Thank you to all my family, friends and fans that continue to believe in me. Shout out to the my manager Ikaika Sheehan, The Lost Coast, Fiji, Laga, Kiwini, J Boog, Hot Rain, Suluape Aesea Toetu’u and the Soul Signature Tattoo staff, Kalapu Tali Folau, Burning Bush Media, EKM, Steve Luni from Pacific Soul Tattoo and everyone else that brings a positive influence to my life. Love you all and GOD BLESS!!!

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