Ill Talk w/ The Grouch *Part 2 #Heal


Was there one particular charity that was especially important to you?

There was one charity called The Zen Center in Syracuse, NY that teaches people how to meditate and get in touch with there spiritual selves. Anyone can go and it's free. That one stood out to me and the people who were running their booth that night were older Buddhist women who really got into the music. They looked nothing like your typical Hip Hop fan but when we were performing they hit the dance floor hard!

Other than eating habits, what other “bad” habits have you “distinguished” out of your life?

I used to get really wasted (alcohol) at live shows to the point where it became a problem. That put my mind in a bad place in general so I feel there was a time when I made a bunch of bad decisions.I've eliminated that problem from my life for many years now. Occasionally I'll have a beer or glass of wine with dinner but that's pretty much it. Especially when I'm in Hawaii I just feel like I don't need it.

When was the first time you heard the word “haole?” Thoughts on the word?

I first heard that word when I watched the movie North Shore as a kid. I thought it was hilarious. The next time I heard it I was a tourist in Maui riding in a bright yellow rental Jeep getting yelled at by some locals for being an idiot on the road. "You Haole's think you own the road!". I didn't think it was as funny. I still don't know the complete history on it but the way I've heard it being used doesn't always seem that disrespectful. I can dig it. I wore a "Haole" shirt in a video my partner Eligh and I did for a song called "All In."

What is your take on Hawaii’s Hip Hop Scene, would you ever work with a Hawaii artist?

Of course! There's so many talented musicians on Maui that I can't wait to work with. The Hip Hop scene seems really small but we make sure to include local acts at every event we throw out here. On Oahu we always get a good turnout. For this string of shows Tassho Pearce (Oahu) is our direct support, he's a guy that has opened for some of my Oahu shows but I wanted to make sure we help spread his music to Maui and the Big Island as well. As time continues I would love to play more of a role in the scene out here.

To be continued...


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