Ill Talk w/ Brysen G. #NaHokus


What went into making the album and how surprised were you by the nomination?

When I was first signed to Go Aloha Entertainment I had some demos of my music and brought them with me to the studio. Producer/arranger Imua Garza did his magic and helped construct the songs based on how i wanted them to sound. Rapper Clay D. contributed to two songs on the CD which added another creative element to the project.

Talk a little bit about yourself and your music for people that might not be familiar.

I'm 20 years old and a graduate of James Campbell High School. I compose most of my own material and perform in an R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop style much like what you would hear on Top 40 radio, similar to Chris Brown,Trey Songz, Justin Bieber, etc..

Besides yourself, who do you make music for?

Besides myself, I make music for my fans and hope they can relate to what I am singing about.

Career Highlights?

My career highlights would include going to LA to watch my album be mixed and mastered at Woodcliff Studio by Frank Rosato, getting a song from my CD played for a short time on Power 104.3, having a song hit the top airplay chart in New Zealand, producing a music video with director Jake Akuna, reading the good review that John Berger wrote for my "Grown" CD in the local newspaper and seeing my CD on the shelf at WaMart and Borders Books & Music.

What would it be like If you woke up tomorrow morning and discovered that Hawaii radio stations decided it was time to feature more Hawaii Hip Hop on local airwaves?

I'd be very excited if local radio in Hawaii started to to include local R&B and Hip-hop artists on their playlists because there are so many local artists who work hard and deserve the support. Sadly, there seems to be a lock on local Hawaii R&B/Hip Hop radio to play mainland acts.

How familiar are you with the other nominees?

I know I.A and Osna from Angry Locals on a personal level and have heard most of the other nominees.

Will you be attending Sunday’s awards show?

Yes, I will be attending the Na Hoku awards.

Acceptance speech. Prepared or freestyle it?

For me, I'm prepared. haha i'm a singer so freestyling it may not go so well.

Real Talk, is it really an honor just to be nominated?

Yes, its a honor to be nominated because all of us work hard to produce these projects and its a reward for doing good music.

No B.S. You really do want to win don’t you?

Yes, of course I want to win!

If your name is called, how much will winning mean?

If I win the award it would mean so much to me because it would be a sign that I'm on the right career path and that I'm being recognized by my peers for my music. It would be motivating.

Final thoughts.

Win or lose, you have to keep believing in what you do. Best of luck to all of the nominees.


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