Ill Talk w/ The Grouch part 1


So I understand that a portion of “the Heroes of the Healing Nation” was recorded on Maui. I’m guessing Amp and Zumbi have been to the Valley Isle before. Do you have any interesting stories to share about Zion-I’s time with you and your family?

Zumbi and Amp came and stayed with us in Haiku when we were living in a super peaceful jungle setting. Zumbi brought his lady who was pregnant at the time. I had a beautiful room set up with an ocean view that we used as the studio. We would hit the ocean and then back to lab for creative conversation and recording sessions. I made vegan banana pancakes and we drank coconuts. Just some straight up family good livin!

Who are some of your personal “Heroes?”

My mother, My wife, Bob Marley, Pele (the soccer player), My old soccer coach and Hip Hop

What charities have you raised funds for so far. How were these charities selected?

We did over 30 shows on this tour so far and worked with a different charity in every city so I'm not going to list them all. If you go to you can see them all listed and find out info about each and every one. Initially we partnered with Air Traffic Control which is a non profit that helps artist like us facilitate these type of situations. They gave us a list of a ton of charities they work with and we researched them and picked the ones that we felt the most. Plus in a few cities we had previous relationships with organizations so we used them. We picked Universal Giving and Hip Hop Congress as primary partners and set up a webpage the webpage as well.

I recently read through a bunch of your tweets, one tweet that I found interesting (among many) was the one that read ”a lot of your earlier rap ego being gone.” Would you care to elaborate?

(LOL!) I think I said that some of it was gone and that I'm still working on it! I don't think I was ever an ego maniac but coming up earlier in Hip Hop which is usually an "I'm fresher than you sport" it was almost like you had to have a "rapper ego" to be a "real rapper". I'm feeling that that's just now thats beginning to change. I think people are freer now to express their vulnerabilities and insecurities and still be accepted as legit. I think we're at a time where just thinking and rapping about myself and how dope I am is out the window. We're all one. We all have something to say and now is the time to say it.

To Be Continued.......

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