Ill Talk w/ Mic 3 Part 2


MC to actor. How did you get into acting in the first place?

I am passionate about Hip-Hop and entertainment in general. At the time that this opportunity presented itself, I was hoping and praying that I would have a larger platform to showcase what I am made of and it did through this film.

Explain your role in the film, your costume and the conditions on set.

My role is to play a Pirate that is under the command of Captain Blackbeard on the Queen Anne’s Revenge. My costume is a typical Pirate costume, but unique to my character. And wait’ll you see the hat! We worked hard day-in and day-out, but everyone was phenomenal in making everything come together.

Talk about all the love and Aloha you have received thus far from your friends, fam and the people of Hawaii AND the Asian community as well. Can’t beat it huh?! Did you expect the positive feedback to be so major?

There have been many praises I’ve received so far from my friends and family. They’re happy to see that the hard work, motivation, dedication and drive I’ve put into trying to hone myself as an entertainer has come to life on the big screen through Disney and the Pirates 4 movie. I was and still am surprised with all the positive feedback and I try my best to give it back through inspiring those that seek their dreams.


Is it overwhelming?
It's overwhelming, but I am taking it in stride and riding with it. I've had people coming up to me and saying "Mic3 you Pirate" and I answer them with a comical "yaarrgh", a shaka and a handshake, sometimes 2 slaps, throw da Shaka back! Yaaaaarrrrgh!!!

Have you learned anything new about yourself, the magnitude of being in such a big time movie?

I learned that patience is important. Through prayer and keeping a positive attitude, GREAT things ALWAYS come. The working experience I've gained through working on such a huge Blockbuster film franchise is fantastic. And it's something that I will take with me throughout my entertainment journey.

What stoked you out the most about filming in L.A. and London?

I was stoked that all the things that I did throughout the movie will soon be coming to life in the theatres in 3D and Imax across thousands of movie screens around the world! And the travel opportunity was amazing as well!


You are going to have your homies yelling shit like “Mic Tre muthafaka!” “Mike Treezy in the building!” “Angry Locals Chee Whoo!” All up in the Oahu theaters, whenever you appear on screen. How dope is just the thought of that.

Super Dope Kalani, Super F*N Dope Bra! Cheeeewhooooo!!!

As an MC it’s all about what you say, what you say, flavor, swag etc. It may seem like a very small role to 98 percent of the world but for the other 2 percent (Filipinos, people of Hawaii, friends, fam) you make a huge impact without ever speaking. Kind of ironic to me. How does that make you feel homey?

God has blessed me with talents, opportunities and with supportive people who have helped me become who I have become and to help me get to where I am at today. It feels good to be an inspiration whether I say anything or just through my presence alone. My thing is just to be a light in the world for those who are searching for it.


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