Ill Talk w/ Tritonal’s Chad Cisneros


When did you decide to call yourselves Tritonal?

We went through mounds of ideas for our collaboration name, some were cool, most were not! haha Tritonal really stuck because of two reasons. Firstly, a Tritone is a musical interval, otherwise known as a chord. Its a Diminished Fifth actually, and has a very unique quality to it. Secondly, the word Tritonal is an explosive, 80% TNT in fact. We thought those two elements combined for one hell of a name!

Talk about the pride you take in your live shows.

Ahh well, we really bring a ton of energy to our sets. We love what we do, and we really feed off of the energy from the crowd. Being full time producers, we play a lot of our own compositions and productions - its amazing to see the reactions when they are spot on!

Can you explain the type of energy that takes place when you are creating a track.

Well, that's a tough question. Writing music isn't all glamorous actually, and there are a lot of days when we're flushing out ideas rather than just cranking through awesome tracks. I wish we could deliver magic upon command, but it takes time develop really strong tracks that work well not only on a dance floor but in a variety of situations. The energy changes depending on where we are in the creative process. If we're writing melodies, then its a very creative, colorful day in the studio. If its working out the details of a groove, sometimes it can be back n forth between 1, 2 or 22 ideas! haha!

Following your appearance in Hawaii this weekend, the number of Tritonal fans in Hawaii will have grown that must make you guys feels pretty good.

It does! This is our 2nd time to play this island, and we're stoked to be back!! Should be an amazing night!

Do you consider yourselves to still be newbies in the DJ and trance realm, despite all the early success?

We very much do, and hope to always maintain an element of that in the studio. Maintaining humility and the appreciation for learning new things is the key to staying fresh. We love learning new techniques, methods and ways of writing music. We're touring Globally quite heavily now, and def. feel we know our way around the decks and the studio - but we never want to be "know it alls!!"

When was the moment you finally felt that you had "arrived" in the scene?

Umm, probably last year when in our only 2nd year, we ranked in at #17 in the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll. It's also always amazing to see fans singing the lyrics to your new tracks as well, we just love producing full time because the fans have been so receptive and supportive. We love you 'Tritonians'!!


How do you guys intent to extend the boundaries of trance in the U.S. and throughout the world?

Well, we intend to continue to cross pollinate trance with elements from other genres and to continue to push the envelope on whats possible with sound design. We love getting weird in the studio, and are always exploring new methods and techniques! Our latest track uses lots of recordings of branches breaking for percussion - wicked shit!

Will you have time to experience Hawaii during your trip?

We are staying 4 nights, its going to be immense!! Sky Diving tomorrow morning at 10 am actually, snorkeled today and hope to do some shopping as well!!

Final words.

Thank you to all the amazing love & support Tritonians, you are the reason we are able to do what we do - We love you!!!


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