Ill Talk W/ DJ Revise


I perceive you as the underdog bro, you have all the skill and know how as any top tier DJ in Hawaii but at times I feel you get overlooked and lost in the shuffle. Would you say you’re an underdog?

I consider myself still an underdog amongst the DJ's in Honolulu, although I've been in the scene for over 10 years, that still ins't enough to make someone top choice. A lot of the reason I feel like i'm overlooked is that I don't stay consistant with the "popular" choice of venue/party and I'm more relaxed when it comes to booking myself with the top venues of the season. So my "hype" loses its flame, but I'm changing that this year.

I know many DJs that “follow,” most would never admit to it but it’s plainly obvious. You don’t consider yourself a “follower,” maybe you are one but your ego tells you otherwise. Talk about how you’ve been able to establish yourself throughout your career and why creating your own lane has worked so well for you thus far?

At one point of any DJ's career we all had a point of reference. Continuing to be a "follower" isn't the business though. Of course I follow and take pointers from the best in Hawaii and the other 49 and beyond, but at the end of the day I do my own thing. I experiment with all old and new styles of mixing, but I intergrate it and make it my own. Doing that works to my advantage because it doesn't limit me to what kind of venue I can play at. House, Hip Hop, Electronic, Mash-Up..... whatevers!


Who are some of your mentors and homeys who have helped you out along the way?

I didn't really have one. I picked up DJing on my own and sessioned a lot with fellow DJ's. But homies that helped me along the way, first and foremost is Nelcar Pagdilao for putting me on my first club gig @ Pango Pango, S.T.U (ALR) for having me put on skratches on thier second album and being my right hand man on all my party/event promotions back in the day, Wednesday Night Sessions @ Aiea Players, Dragon Room @ Jackie Chans, Refresh @ Brew Moon. My new homie that currently help juice up my resume is Chris Childress of Twilight Audio, he got me doing some parties on the North Shore and Rum Fire for last years NYE party. Although I would like to mention everyone, I'm sticking to the subject of my DJ career.

What is more rewarding to you; a random stranger in the club throwing you a compliment on how you play or a fellow DJ?

Whats rewarding for me when I spin is when random strangers come up and compliment me on my selection. Just having a good crowd who gets down to what I do, makes me feel blessed at what I do.

Talk about the Murder Mainstream projects you have in the works? Summer jumpoff right?

My Murder Mainstream collective are in the works for dropping our new mix cd and instrumental cd of our newest production. We also plan on dropping our latest t-shirt in combination with our mix as a bundle. I also launched my official DJ REVISE website REVISESOUND.COM.

How did you end up playing Wednesdays at Lotus Downtown and First Fridays at SoHo?

I earned the First Friday spot @ SOHO during the early development of the club. I knew Daniel for a while prior to his debut of his mixed media bar during past events I was involved in when he was a Bar Manager / Bartender back at Players Alakea & The Loft. I've earned his respect through my music & past promotions that he asked me early on to get involved with his new bar. I started off DJing & promoting a Thursday night, then later being offered to do Fridays... then eventually just doing First Friday.


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