Ill Talk w/ Big Koa


When did you become "Big Koa?"

As far as the name goes...Well let's just say I went through a few of them before "Big Koa" stuck. This is how it went down, I was working promotion's for 102.7 Da Bomb when one of the weekend jocks couldn't show up for work. My boss at the time (Kid Leo) told me to jump on-air and do his shift. I use to pop in the studio and chill with guys like Sam Da Man, Dj kool-E and Rob E Rob so I picked up on what they were doing on the board but never actually sat behind the mic by myself so I guess it was a hands on crash course...but I didn't know what name I should use and because I was a calender/magazine fashion model at the time Sam the man said I should go on as "Kekoa The Model" I laughed thinking he was joking but he seemed dead serious, he even had this little them song he was singing. So I cracked open the mic as Kekoa The Model...That lasted a whole two breaks before my girl called me and said that sounds lame, so I started saying koa dawg,that went on for a while until listeners started getting me mixed up with K-dogg who was also a weekend jock. then came in the "BIG"...soon I dropped the dawg and there it is.

What is your background, where are you from ladat?

Lived most of my youth life on the east side at my family homes in Lanikai and Keolu hills but once I moved out on my own with my girlfriend and daughter at 16 I was on the move...Kahalu, Kaimuki, Makiki, Ewa beach, Waipahu, you name it! but now posted up in sweet home waimanalo.

For the peeps out there, who look at you more as a host and radio personality talk about your background as a DJing?

For those who look at me as a host or radio personality I'd say there on point! that's exactly what I am...straight up, I never spun a record in my job category falls under On-Air personality. I leave the Djing to the professionals...they set the vibe and I rock the crowd!!

How did you first get started in radio?

I was about 16 or 17 competing for the front cover of a magazine and it just so happen that the host were a few guys that did the night show on the then brand new 1027 Da Bomb ( The Naughty Boyz Show) I ended up winning the cover and they asked if I could come to the studio for a interview...once I got there my true calling came out. I started kicken freestyles on airwaves and they were digging it!! They told me if I every wanted to get into radio give em a call...and 11yrs later here I am.

What are some of the benefits of working in the radio industry?

All I gotta say is my job puts me where everyone wants to be. Not to mention all the cool celebs I've got to meet and interview over the years...the perks are nice!


True or False. Hosting parties seems like nothing but drinks and good times.

True, unless you've had a little to much to drink and your the only one having a REALLY good time!! in twitter form #DontGiveThatGuyTheMic


When are you on Da Bomb and where can people find you in Hawaii clubland?

I'm on air Sat and Sunday from 10-3p on 1027 Da Bomb and soon to be...we'll, stay posted. A few months ago I could have gave you a 6 day a week line up. D&Bs would be the best, haven't missed one wed in 6yrs

There are alot of people out there you complain about the format of radio in Hawaii what is your take on the state of radio in the 808?

From what I've learned to understand is that people that tune into radio want to hear the hits, so that's what radio does is play the hits.

Best advice someone has given you?
"If you stay ready, you'll never have to get ready."

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