Ill Talk w/ Cosmic Gate


You will playing Honolulu (outdoors btw) for the very first time, does your approach change or is the feeling out process different, when you play in an unfamiliarity city?

The feeling actually is not really different to play a city or country we have not been to yet, but this time we feel like very special to come and play in one of the most beautiful spots in the world for the first time, we are really exited to give our debut in Hawaii and can`t wait to arrive and play our show!

You are scheduled to rock Beyond Wonderland in LA the night following your Honolulu gig, will you be flying in just for the show or will you have time to experience the islands beforehand?

We fly in on Wednesday afternoon already direct coming from a long tour we played in Australia, so sure we have some time to explore the beauty of Hawaii, and maybe work on our tan as well, lol.

You represent yourselves in your music first and foremost I would assume. What is the state of trance music today and do you feel you have a responsibility to the genre you are most identified with? If so, how much? If not, how come?

Sure we feel responsible to what is going on in Trance. We show our responsibility to the trance scene in just producing music that we think is good trance music, trying to bring it to new levels, and we present the same in our eyes quality music in our dj sets.

I heard you are both sushi connoisseurs, you are in luck because Hawaii has some of the best sushi spots on the planet. What is your favorite kinds of sushi and would it be annoying at all if Hawaii fans flooded you with tweets on where to get the best sushi on Oahu?

We have a very wide taste in Sushi and are looking forward to find some of these good sushi spots you are talking about, so give us your tips and recommendations on twitter. (RealCosmicGate)

***Thanks for stopping by..come back tomorrow for the conclusion (the mo' bettah part) of this interview! Aloha


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