The Stimulants: Maui to MD Musick



The Stimulants are a hip hop group consisting of two members. Sofahr AKA Cassius who is originally from the Northwest. And Sonny Black AKA Cheereo, from Washington DC. The two irronically met at a freestyle competition in 1996 in Maui, Hawaii. Though there were many other performers, they were immediatly drawn to each others styles and formed the group shortly after.Though, originally solo artists, they both agreed that they prefered their sound together, even more then alone. Sofahr's witty west coast word play has been described as the more consious. (bio courtesy of Reverbnation)

Toying with words and literally becoming part of the beat, his abilty to minupulate styles is at will. Sonny's upfront and abrasive style is the epitomy of east coast swagger. With a voice that is unmistakable and a flow that compliments every beat it touches, Sonny's edge brings a certain ruggedness to the track. With the ability to produce and compose songs themselves they have managed to create a sound that has never been heard before. Since the group has been formed their has not been an entire ablbum completed. Certain and sudden mishaps have led the two back to their own home towns, putting an obvious strain on the recording proccess as well as performances. Although on opposites sides of the country, they remain passionate and determined to continue doing what the love. Making music from the heart for the masses. So they decided to continue workin on the album that was never completed since they were seperated. Via email and messenger, they recorded tracks from miles apart. Often never seeing each other throughout the creative process. Even though situations, such as family and children have kept them from physically being around each other, they managed to find a way to collaborate and create what is now entitled "Back From Nowhere!"

This is the 1st single off of the "Back From Nowhere" Album. Album due in March 2011.

Stimulants music

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