Real Talk w/ DJ Doggfather Part 1


How's life on the DJ front since the last time you were featured in the Honolulu Weekly Spinzone?

Man, it’s been a lil’ different. Last time I was at Rumours on Friday and Bonsai on Saturdays, now I'm just at the Villa on Saturdays but still do private parties at Villa and Bonsai. Left Rumours by choice.

Being a nightclub DJ is both work and play. What makes it work for you and what makes it play?

Damn thats a good question man... Work: trying to keep people happy long enough to stay till closing with all the different varities of music to choose from. Theres always the few people that dont like this but WANT this and on and on and on...

Play: being able to have fun playing with no problems/no complaints/no DRAMA around me and being able to laugh all night long. If its becomes too serious to you then maybe you need to take a break from it. Bottom line is it should be fun and not looked at as a job that you dont wanna be at..

What would your response be to someone who said "DJ Doggfather is just a Club DJ, who plays nothing but Top 40 club ish, we want to hear other ish."

I say shut your mouth before I put my ish in it!!! Hahahaha NA NA NA kidding kidding!!! Personally it's all good to me cause everyone has their own opinion you know. Funny thing is they will more than likely come back to the same spot you playing at over and over. But I don't hate on peoples opinion I just take it and try to better myself. Then slap their face with my slippah!!! Hahaha just kidding again!!!!


Talk about the last time you…

1.) ..really weren’t too happy with your night of DJing.
Can’t think of a specific night. but I do remember a night when I was playing and nobody was dancing on the DANCE FLOOR. Instead if you looked around they were all dancing all around the dance floor. It was almost like they were too shame or nervous to go in the middle of everybody. I mean the MC walked around the closing DJ looked around and we all saw the same thing, people dancing all over except the dang dance floor..was just a weird night I guess.

2.) You ripped it.
This is one I can’t answer. Only because I don’t think I ever do a great job or rip it. Not that I don’t like what I do or if people are dancing all over and the dance floor, I just never think of myself as doing an awesome or bad job. I just hope people enjoy themselves and dance.

Which would you rather be: Dope most of the time, or consistent?
Kinda depends good buddy. Dope most of the time with an occasional off night is cool. Everyone (i think??) has an off night here and there and then you just follow it up with a hype dope awesome night!! Consistent is cool too, but being consistent in what way?? Sometimes being consistent can become boring and people will know your set and what song is coming up after what. Hmmmm so i have to say Dope most of the time would work for me hahaha!!!

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