Real Talk w/ Josh Martinez *Part eha


You may or may not have known that this past Sunday was Bob Marley’s birthday did you celebrate at all?
I did get stoned. But i try to celebrate that everyday. I didn't know. Happy Belated.

What would it be like if Mathew Kimber and Josh Martinez hung out at a bar together?
They'd get drunk on shitty shots of Jagar and play the Beach Boys loud. Probably play Shuffleboard, Darts, anything involving leisure sports. Prolly trade pants. Order two different kinds of sandwiches and split em down the middle so they each could have two different kinds of sanwiches. Eat half of a half sandwich, and they'd each get up and walk out different doors to get their wallets they forgot in their other pants.

Top 5 Hip Hop tracks of all time?
Diamond D - I'm Outta Here
Juggaknots - Clear Blue Skies
Brotherhood Creed - Helluva
Slick Rick - Children's Story
Devin the Dude - Breezy Again

We are a little over a month into 2011 what has your highlight of the year been so far?

Being home. I've been in Portland steady for over a month, and that's the longest i've been in one place for almost 7 years. Getting my gardening on, eating good foodz, working out, sleeping well. Finished mixing my rock record "Pissed Off Wild". Its finally mixed after 5 years of working on it and will come out in June 2011. Shooting some videos etc. Its go time. Basically the exact opposite of being on tour. Just got news Chicharones playing Half-Time at a Blazers home game IF...they make the playoffs. We're still making moves off licensing the Chicharones "Little by Little" to NBA2K11. Now i get free tickets to the games. Its like heaven.

Final thoughts or comments on your upcoming Hawaii experience?

Can't wait. I'm actually taking a real vacation and these shows are a chance to fund that opportunity. I never take vacations. I work all the time. I have no children and no wife/girlfriend. I'm down to work all the time. But i'm burning out. And a vacation in Hawaii is perfect. Just a day or so in Oahu for the show. Then on to Big Island for 7-8 days of camping, living, reading, sleeping and not working (i'll probably work).


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