Real Talk w/ Josh Martinez *Part 1


When and why did you decide to invent/create “Josh Martinez?”

I always wanted freedom to write songs about lives, some i've lived and some i've read about in books, and seen on the interwebs. Josh Martinez is a great chance for me to help create positive myths, about life and living it with joy, and with struggle, and to make social commentary about human interactions. I wanted to create someone that I could live through, and whose views i could use as a vessel to push views that were more entertaining and provocative. I believe absolutely in the power of myth. Hunter S. Thompson created a character he could live through, and whose views color any events he's involved with. A relevant commentator on all things and all stuffs. With mythbuilding, I figured if i pretended long enough, it would come true. It has.

So this will be your first trip to Hawaii, any expectations?

Third time actually. I always played Oahu. I used to roll through during the early years at Tugruvs records. Played a Steakhouse, played Pink Cadillac, a bunch of different small bars. I brought my rock band Pissed Off Wild out there last time I came out, which would be 2007, I think.

You scored a second gig on the Big Island, what was your initial reaction when you found out that you have fans on the Big Island?

So happy. I love all the islands with more joy each and every time. I want to visit them all and make many friends, a few children, and I would like to eat a lot of poke. I play Rockstarz Nightclub in Kona On Saturday Feb 26th.

If your fans of Hawaii tweeted on one topic that would help you when you’re here what would that topic or topics be?

I'm a food-driven tourist. An adventure eater. Tell me (@JoshMartinez93) where that good food is. Where to get the best poke.

So you're a Portland Trailblazer fan, how pissed off were that your boy LaMarcus Aldridge got the All Star snub?

It's pretty much a bad call. Blake Griffin is a rookie, and though he's been amazing, he's played a half a season of basketball. Almost as much as Greg Oden. Aldridge is single handedly allowing the Blazers to win big games. 40 against the Spurs in one of their 8 losses this season? The Bulls last night, we won with Aldridge's 42. Stupid numbers. And we still have a winning record missing 3 of our 5 key starters. Its incredible. I love the team mercilessly. Its become my favorite thing in life. Nothing gives me more joy than going to a game (and winning...a loss makes me unable to feel good about life for several hours at least).


Do you get any flack from your homeys about being a Lady Gaga fan?

That’s my DJ, DJ Zone. I fucking hate Lady Gaga. It’s so irritating and no matter how many hipster assholes tell me its super original and she’s so talented and i should listen to the first album, and shut the shitup. She makes me want to heave my colon mercilessly. I like Katy Perry’s boobs. Alot. I think Ciara is the shit. Beyonce still got it. I’m a big Lil Kim fan.

Come back and read part 2 tomorrow…….

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