Bangin’ Top 5: “Sick & Dope Edition”: Concerts by DJ Bone


5- De La Soul / Pipeline Cafe (Dec. 3, 2005)
These guys are ageless. The Energy was non stop & the place was only half filled. Don’t call em old school. They kicked ass. Haha.


4- Little Brother and Jin / Pipeline Cafe (Feb. 8, 2007)
Even though they were brought in as a opener, Little Bro stole the show. It was Pro Bowl week on a Thursday & there was only about 200 people there. But whoever was enjoyed the most charismatic & energetic duo of big guys I’ve ever seen. Jin was good, but Little Bro killed it.

3- Q-Tip / Pipeline Cafe (Dec. 14, 2008)

Part of the free Myspace shows. Q-Tip was mos definitely a crowd pleaser & was very smart mixing his set with old school hits people know & new tracks that people (could) get down to. It was the perfect show & me being a Tribe Fan, I jumped up & down the whole show.

2- Visionaries / Aquas

I was kinda “dragged” to this one waaaay back around 2000-01 time. A homey of mine was really into the westcoast underground Hip hop stuff, I was more into that boom bap eastcoast 90’s Hiphop. I had no idea who the Visionaries were but went anyways. What I saw changed my life. I had such a good time, I looked for more Visionaries type tracks and delve more into the Cali underground. The rest is history.


1- Rock The Bells / Paid Dues @ NYC: Tribe Called Quest, WuTangClan, Snoop Dogg, Murs, Immortal Technique, Lauren hill, KRS One, Jedi Mind Trick, Wiz Kahlifa, Clipse, Rakim, Slick Rick…

Live & direct, all in “the Mecca” of Hip hop, New York City. Nuff Said…



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