Real Talk w/ DJ Eskae


What do you attribute your initial “come up” in Hawaii to?
Always feeling like an underdog and never being completely satisfied with my work.

What would you attribute your success to?
My team, my supporters and @AlohaStadium.

Where would you say your personal satisfaction for DJing comes from?
Pushing people's buttons- for better or for worse.

The Nocturnal Sound Krew was one of the first to throw”dance” parties downtown before getdowns in Chinatown became so popular and trendy (I actually came across an old Soul Kitchen, which I now use as a bookmark), why did you guys embark on Chinatown in the first place and is it cool to know that you "kinda" started the "movement.
I can't say that we even "kinda" started the Chinatown scene. Credit goes to Mark Chittom, Gspot, Jamal and Taharba for setting off Indigo/Havana Cabana/ Nuuanu Ave years before we even got on. I like to think of us coming in as the 2nd generation of Chinatown nightlife.

As for Soul Kitchen- our first party in Chinatown- that just fell in our lap and there was no deliberate decision to start something in Chinatown. Our homey Brian Lew used to work at Indigo and wanted to partner with me and Compose (Jay Ablan) on a party. It was pretty fun but nothing crazy.

Fast forward a few months, Chittom- who was booking acts for Indigo at the time- and this dude Cameron approached us (Soul Kitchen) to help him start a new Friday party. This party would eventually become Get Fresh. My best memory of Get Fresh and Soul Kitchen was booking two unknown DJ's- Diplo and Low Budget aka Hollertronix. Diplo also brought along his girlfriend Maya- who at the time was an unsigned artist named MIA.


Not only were NSK one of the first to throw parties in Chinatown, ya’ll still doin’ it, longevity and growth as a crew, speak on the two.

I think our longevity and growth comes from us always doing the opposite from everyone. People go left, we go right.

You’ve been “in the scene” for awhile now, how has your outlook, attitude or own perception changed for the better.

I guess I’m complaining less these days.

Party culture vs. Club culture is their a difference? Which “culture” do you associate with more and why?
I’m not sure.. I’m interested in what ever brings people together.


Current residencies and upcoming parties you are associated with:
*Apartm3nt: Feb. 11... Pow Wow 2/16-19 at Fresh Cafe and Next Door, Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at Crazy Box in the Waikiki Edition with Compose and Anit. Soul Clap- Every last Friday at Thirtyninehotel. The 2011 Bacardi Pool Party at the Waikiki Beach Marriott- Sunday March 27, Every Tuesday at V-Lounge, Brunch at Morimotos 2/13

Shout outs, plugs, final thoughts.

Shout out to my girl Sarah, [CWSK] ,the Waikiki Edition, Red Bull, Thirtyninehotel, V-Lounge, @AlohaStadium, and all the venues and people that supported me and the Krew over the years.

twitter: @djeskae


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