DJ Technique: Fear him!




What do you dig most about the DJ Spin-off contest?

I Like That Fact That The Contest Is Now Open To DJ's Of Any Caliber And Affiliation. It Offers A Platform For DJ's To Be Heard, Seen Or Even
Discovered! This Is My First Year Entering As The Previous Two Years I
Was Restricted. The First Year I Was Working At Hot 939, So Because Of Station Conflict, I Was Unable To Participate. Last Year I Was Asked To Be A Judge.
Talk about the other finalist, strengths and the personal relationship you have with each.
Who?! Haha
Well To Top Things Off, I'm In DJ Crews With All Three Of The
Finalists. So No Matter The Outcome, It's A Win, Win Situation For Me!
Audissey, Mike D. & Myself Are Members Of The World Famous Bum Squad DJ'z Alongside Jimmy Taco, Edit, Compose, Anit & Sho. It's A Worldwide Coalition Of DJ's And Artists In The Music Entertainment Industry.
Then Packo & I Are Members Of The Mix Doctors & SubMana.
 As The Mix Doctors, Alongside DJ's Twiks, Flykid, Flip, Lex-One, LX & Sho, We've Created A Website Featuring Weekly DJ Mixes That Are Always Free For Download. Due To The Decline Of Mixshows On Hawaii's Airwaves, Was Born To Fill That Void!
As SubMana, We Are A DJ Collective Dedicated In Bringing Dubstep To The Forefront In Hawaii. We Have Promoted Some Dubstep Events Which Featured Heavyweights Like Total Recall & Sluggo. With DJ Nightmarcher At The Helm, We Have Been Picked Up By The World Famous Dubstep Record Label Betamorph Recordings.
Individually These Guys Are All Top Tier!
Audissey Has Come A Long Way...I've Seen Him Progress From An Aspiring Novice To One Of The Best. His Background As An Entertainer Mixed With His Creativity Behind The Decks Makes Him A Force To Be Reckoned With!!! I Heard He Can Sing Or Something?!
Mike D. In My Opinion Is The Most Underrated DJ From The Islands. His
Creativity And Music Knowledge Are On Some DJ AM Ish. He's Never Scared To Drop The Most Obscure, Off The Wall Joint At Anytime Of The Night! His Production Skills Are So Dope, He Has Lent His Talent To Artists Such As Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, David Guetta, Ciara, Usher & More On The Remix Tip! Did You Know He Raps Too?!
Packo Is One Of Those Secret Weapons. Most Haven't Heard Of Him Because He Has Been A Staple In The Underground Hip-Hop & EDM Scenes For Years. Hands Down His Scratching Ability Is Unmatched...What Else Would You Expect From A Guy That Qbert Calls First Thing When He's In Town!!!


What DJs impressed you most in the prelims?
Every DJ That Incorporated Dubstep In Their Sets! When I First Started Spinning Dubstep About 3 Years Ago, I Was Just One Of The Few. I Stuck To My Guns And Played It Anywhere...At The Top 40 Clubs Where I'd Clear The Floor, On The Radio Not Caring If I Got Fired And Of Course At The Raves. Now I Pack Floors And Get More Requests For It Than Ever! Although Unfortunately I Have Seen It Become Trendy...I'd Like To Think I Had Some Kind Of Influence On Those Who Now Like It And Spin It!
What DJs would you like to see enter next year?
I'd Like To See More Established DJ's Participate! Don't Get Me Wrong,
It's Nice To Hear The Up & Coming Or New Transplants...We All Started There, But As Established "Professionals" This Is Where We Should Help Raise Or Set The Bar! Let's Help Get Rid Of The 5 Dolla Holla, I Want The Bitches, Waverider, Freejays!!! Let's Take Back The Culture!!!
And Now For The List...You Shouldn't Have Asked This Question Hah:
K-Smooth, Mixmaster B, Jimmy Taco, XL, Anit, Compose, Solution, Eskae, Colossus, Delve One, Twiks, Flip, Flykid, Lex-One, Yogurt, Careless One, Antriks, Une, Mad, Kavet The Catalyst, Observe, Jrama, Sub Zero, Kutmaster Spaz, Elite, Dream, Kool-E, James Coles, Radical Rob, Richie Aqui, Jay-P!, Paul Brandon, Eddie L, J-Kydd, Euphorik, Krazy K, Ryan Sean, Wu Chang, Skipps, Wreck, Scarrd, Master Wong, G-Spot, Quiksilva, Big John, Kaii, Dawn, Jedi, Risup, Zack Morse, Daniel J, Space Cowboy, Byron The Fur, Ramyt, Miklos, Rayne, Corey Ferren, Ikon, Errrick, Mr. Trancis, Randon Sheldon, EP, Jaegurl, Nakanna, Jamz, T.K.O., Thread, Mndgm, Trypticon, Akio, Willis Haltom, Zane, Fathom, Loic Tambay, Ernie K, Cryptik, Soundsex, Tide, Tay!orR, Spyhunter, Rigpa, Nocturna, Spy-Rolle, Da Lion Of Judah, LT, Blake, (an)Rky, 720, Bozu, E Tech,
Sandman, Kid Cisco, J-Love, Billy G, Betty, Toki, Ms. Angel, Princess
Leia, Badmouth, Bass-X, Kause, Mech, KSM, Racer X, Sun, Cruzah, Toyo, Lostboy, Freedom Fighter, Buddy Lee, R2D2, DESeCRATE, DOMiNATE, Formz, Spindle, Idle, Levels, Real Deal Reed, Hapa Boy, Locoz, Doggfather, KT, Victor E., Habit, Scott Stiles, Jimmy James, Omik, Kyoko, Cin, Caleb,
Squall, Christian, Christian The Lion, Dallas Debauch, Miki Mayhem,
Mikie D., Fame, Bumble Bee, Taktik, Brandon Lee, Matt Kee, Keebler,
Blam, Big Daddy Dave, Syze One, Sonik, Stelth, Righteous Rob, Peter Lau, Lava, Marlon, Sovern-T, Specter, Tron, Cozy, Waveman, Nikki, Braddah Os, Rude Dogg, Master Mind, MJ, Pheen-X, Monkey, Devistatix, One Three, Jaytee, Cyrus FX, Jahson The 45 Revolver, Laru, Lil Ryan, Durtie Rice,
Forty Five, Min One, Xhift, mrbRown, Charles Lee, Sean Myers, EQ,
Chronkite, Osiris, Hoshi, K1inch, Bryc3, D'Kre, St. Augustine, Mike G.
(The Joynt), Mike G., Mike Galmichi, T.O.M.-E & B.I.T.E. (Hah) Just To Name A Lot.
If They're In Town:

Deception, Jami, Costik, Jim Kelly, Epic One, Free, DJC, LX, Skinny Guy,
Mr. Frankie, Adamatic, Spam, Skid, Necron99, Critical Mass, Matthew
Grim, Mizota, Dave Backes, Jeremy Verstrat, Danny Yun, Spellbinder, Nate Fuller, Schwin, White Chocolate, CC3, Romeo C., Lue, Mike Eye, Sapience, Jon Que, I/O Control, Hokudo, Cyberkid, A_Ron, D-Roc, Spindizzy, King James, A.S.I.A., Toma....

And Finally Everyone Else That Participated This Year:G-Rad, Chaos, Sho, Del Sol, Packo, Revise, Infamous Styles, Shift, Raf, Spikeboy, Mike D., Nightmarcher & Audissey.


What elements, rules or format changes would you like to see added next
I've Mentioned Before That They Should Have The Judges Showcase To Show Why They Are Qualified To Judge. Taco Stepped Up To Showcase One Night And That's Big. It Was Something That We've Talked About For Years. The Nocturnal Sound Krew Homies Should Be Permanent Judges! They Are The True Battle Champions/Legends/Hometown Heroes...2x ITF World Champions!!! DJ Elite Should Also Be Included For Being Hawaii's First
Hip-Hop DJ Battle Champion!!! Hell Kevin Okada Should Be A Judge!!!



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