Mike D.: Shutting Fools Up!


What do you dig most about the DJ Spin-off contest? Have you entered in the past why or why not?
Well, it's a way for people who don't come out to or get a chance to come out to the nightclubs we spin at see our talents. Also, since it's not about the dance floor, and there is no promoters/owners to worry about, you can have fun and go off on a tangent with the music....more expression.

I have not entered in the past, never really saw a need to. I think i did it this year to shut people up to be quite honest. It’s always a bummer as a DJ to have people think you can't actually spin.

Talk about the other finalist, strengths and the personal relationship you have with each.
Audissey: the musician, live performer
Packo: the scratch specialist
Technique: the one who earned the name Technique, he's ALWAYS on point technically.

and i'm the crazy one.

Audissey: known the 2nd longest, we're good friends. both in Bumsquad.

Packo: to tell you the truth, i've never met him, all i've been told is that he's Q-bert's friend and he's a nice guy.

Technique: Also in Bumsquad and i've know him the longest.

Edit, Audissey, Tech and myself are the last generation of the real "crate diggers"... we've joked about buying records. I used to tell myself i'm only spending $500 at jelly's, when i get there it's $1000, and by the end of digging i've spent $2k and can't afford my rent.. lol


What DJs impressed you most in the prelims?
All of them honestly, the courage required to enter these things is phenomenal. Yes, DJing in a club can be intimidating, but a DJ battle is exactly what it is; people showing up to see your DJ-ing skills.

What DJs would you like to see enter next year?
The generation under mine, I don’t feel that there’s the same enthusiasm regarding being a real DJ anymore. It seems they all want to be rockstars, without putting in the work of the roadie first. There’s no crate digging anymore, there’s no hustle, there’s no WANT… there’s no fire. At least i don’t see it, and i really WANT to be proven wrong.

If I could say this on a side note.I’m not trying to diss the younger kids, not my point. I just don’t feel that they’re ACTIVELY seeking out to be DJs. They just want to be cool and trendy. It’s about the MUSIC, the want and desire to understand what is and be a DJ, not the scene guys.

Being a good DJ doesn’t make you cool. Most of us are dorks. (and not the trendy dorks… real dorks).

What elements, rules or format changes would you like to see added next year?
Hmmm… 2 different categories…”Pro” and “Bedroom”. also a teen/high school one would be interesting.

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