DJ Audissey Has His Sights On Back to Back Titles Before Moving To Vegas


What do you dig most about the DJ Spin-off contest?
I like that it gives the DJ a chance to shine. It’s like a talent showcase for DJs. I also like that it give up and comers a chance to be seen / heard by promoters and other DJs; kind (of) a way to get discovered or prove yourself if you are a vet.

Talk about the other finalist, strengths and the personal relationship you have with each.

Me and technique are both members of the “Bumsquad Djz”, he is my bum brother. He is one of the best DJs out here and so many look up to him, me included.

Packo is a BEAST on the turntables, probably going in VERY underrated but ONLY because he is coming from a different standpoint. I would say he is one of the best (if not the best) turntablist in the state and I am proud to call him a friend.

Mike D. and I have had a rocky relationship. We were good friends and he was like a teacher to me, then we didn’t get along for 5 years because of some shit I was going through that made me do / say things i’m not proud of. I’m happy to say that we are friends today, but he has always been one of my favorite DJs to listen to and in my book is right up there as one of the bests out here. he is also a Bumsquad DJ and my Bum brother!


What DJs impressed you most in the prelims?

I would have to say Infamous Stylz (hope i spelled it right). I’ve heard him before and he was dope but i never expected him to pull out that bag of tricks.
What DJs would you like to see enter next year?

Honestly, i’d like everyone to enter. aside from the prizes and the title, it’s a great opportunity to shine in front of your peers in the industry as well as prove yourself. I felt like I had to prove myself for the longest time and I still feel like that from time to time. These competitions are a good way to do that.
What elements, rules or format changes would you like to see added next year?

Honestly, I think they are on par. maybe some better maintained gear (no disrespect to Quicksilva), I know people were having trouble with the mixer and I was having a hard time getting the needle to stick in the grooves of the records. Also, making sure that the judges are qualified and know how to judge a DJ battle is important to me. so far, they’ve been on point.

The Mai Tais DJ Spin-Off Finals

Technique vs. Packo vs. Mike D. vs Audissey

Sunday, January 23, 9:30 PM

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