Real Talk w/ K Luv


You are a few hours away from opening up for Common, how you feelin’? and what surprises do you Moxx, Tasho, Creed and the Deadbeats have in store?

Well ..feelin’ great man, ready, real ready. We just wanna be the best rep for HI hip-hop.

Chill, nervous, anxious, are the emotions right now for you knowing you are about to rock the Blaisdell Concert Hall?
I try to look at it like. This is already happened. I’ve already kilt it and this is just another stepping stone. Great thing but not the greatest I will ever accomplish.

What will you say to Common if you get a chance to meet him backstage?
(I) think I would just express how much of an influence he has had on my hip-hop career . My utmost respect.

Everybody got a story on how and why hip hop became apart of them, where does your love for hip hop and Hawaii hip hop come from?

Well, love Hawaii nei and hip-hop is who I am so obviously that’s the connect. We are beautiful, talented warm, amazing people here on the islands. I believe and I think hip hop (is) gonna enjoy the Hawaii flava.

Hawaii hip hop is a small scene and growing, can you talk about a time or moment where you felt extremely proud in your heart about the scene you are apart of, the “mana” of the scene/music?
Local folks that don’t know you must trip out when they find out your a local braddah who can rhyme his ass off, simply because you don’t fit the “typical profile,” I’m sure you’ve suprised a people out there right?
Yeah people pretty much trip. They think. I don’t know, so far peepo either LOVE or HATE no real in-between. Either way I’m doing this because I love it.


It’s apparent that 2011 will be a big year for Hawaii Hip Hop would you agree?
2011 is big!! There are alot a people bubbling, a whole heap of HI talent doing there thang . I am as excited as the rest of us to see everryone’s paths and dreams come to fruition. This movement is pushing harder than ever. It’ll be good to see all that’s in store for everybody.

Personally, what are most memorable “hip hop” moments to date?

So far, selfishly dropping that mixtape, rocking and developing close relationships with Geo, Bambu and Rocky Rivera. The Angry Locals drop. Seeing my islands doing (it)! Just seeing my homies DO IT!!!


Final words, thoughts, plugs?

Mahalo to everybody that has and is supporting. We can’t do it without you! We love and thank u all. I’m so humbled to b a representative of HI rap. Look for the “Prolific Unknowns” mixtape & E.P dropping this spring. Big Mox next mixtape “The Food.” My next mixtape “Handsomely Equipped” and my full length releasing under Beatrock music L.A in June. Shouts and Aloha to all my HI hiphop brothas Iove all of y’all we got this Hawaii.

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