Real Talk w/ DJ KT


Career highlights?
Hmmm..I gotta say opening for Funkmaster Flex. That's where I discovered the "Serato Bitch". Flex has this guy who's on his laptop loading all his tracks while Flex is rockin the decks. Was kinda weird. I always feel blessed that I've gotten to spin with so many talented DJs from Hawaii and the Mainland and being able to help open so many spots in Hawaii that has influenced the nightclub scene.

Among those highlights which ones were the hardest/most challenging to achieve?
I think they are all challenging, but everyone is always so cool to work with. Opening up new night spots are always challenging and stressful.

Current Residencies?
Right now I'm still at Bonsai Restaurant and Lounge at Restaurant Row and at The Villa Ultralounge at Aloha Tower. I'm also going to be spinning on 939 Jamz.

Who were some people you looked up to when you first started DJ?
Locally I gotta say DJ Kool E and G-Spot. I got a pretty cool story about Kool. When I was still doing mobile disco gigs, I had to spin for my sister's graduation party. She really wanted hear "As We Lay" by Dana Harris at the party. Remember, this was before the days of downloading music and MP3s and stuff. I couldn't find the CD and didn't have the record (yup..I said it, RECORD). I called KQMQ while Kool was doing an on air shift and asked if he had an extra copy of the 12 inch single. He told me to meet him outside the station and he would give it to me. So I went down to the station, and he actually came out and gave it to me. What's even more funny is that Kool is one of my close friends and I still have the record he gave me. I still look up to him now. As for G-Spot, I always admired his style and his humbleness. He is so talented, but is the coolest most down to earth guy you can meet.

Talk about a DJ flaw or weakpoint that may have irked you early but overcame.
When I first started spinning, I used to get into a comfort zone where you would spin the same songs back to back all the time. That can work for mobile gigs, but when you're spinning at a nightclub every week, you can't do that cause people will remember your sets. So I always try to keep it fresh and mix things up during my sets. I gotta admit that sometimes its hard cause some tracks work so well together.

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  1. Hey brotha,

    All these years have passed and you never gave up on your dreams!!!! I remember the days in helping you set up for your mobile gigs!!! You always dreamed of living the life and full filling your dreams!!! You have shown others that when you work hard enough through thick and thin you will come out on top!! Congrats on all your success and keep on living the dream brotha!!!

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