Real Talk w/ DJ Logoe


Current residencies and why those spots are dope:

Mondays- V Lounge Good pizza and atmosphere and I love working with my Monday night fam

Tuesday- 90’s hip hop night at Champions, it place where I can play a lot of throwbacks.

3rd Fridays at Manifest- Smoove always good music and good times with Dj Jon_ccc

2nd Saturdays at Bar 35-it always fun here because it’s a place where I play a wide array of music.

Reveal some facts about your DJ career that people don’t know about but should.
I originally started as a scratch DJ. When I first met, Jay DJ Compose that’s when I started to get into mixing. I like to believe that I am a very well experienced DJ I don’t just do nightclubs but a lot of and corporate and private parties as well and I love spinning with one turntable it’s easier.

What is your impression of nightlife these days?
I think the night life has changed. Back then you had different rooms that would separate different genres of music but now a days you could play for everyone with all genres of music in one room which is fun and dope.

Proudest DJ accomplishments of 2010?
My proudest DJ accomplishment is just staying busy and consistent and not giving up.

What is your personal approach/philosophy to DJing?
Just be yourself, love what you do. Be humble and at the same time be confident. You always have to keep evolving and adapting not only in life but especially when playing music to stay ahead.

You are a DJ who has tons of experience and no-how, what are some aspects of DJing that you would like to see improved in younger DJs?
For the younger generation I would like for them to educate themselves about how DJing started. I believe if they know some history about DJing their work ethics will be so much better and they will be more appreciative with the Dj culture. It was so much harder carrying and spinning with vinyl.

Final thoughts.
Things will come your way if you keep pushing and grinding.


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