Real Talk w/ Kwalified MC


Talk about Ill Hill Society for those that need to get familiar with your importance to Hawaii Hip Hop?

Kwalified: Ill Hill Society consists of myself, Joncozy, and RockZa aka Kirin. We’re just young guys trying to have fun and make really good music. That’s what we’re trying to bring into Hawaii hip hop. Fun, good vibes, and youthful exuberance.

How did you all link up?

Kwalified: Cozy and I have been friends since high school. Cozy and RockZa had already made a really dope track called Take A Chance, Cozy asked me if I was down to rap with them and I said yeah. That was in December of ’08, I believe. First show was February 13th, 2009. Been rocking since.

< How did Tassho approach you to be on the track “Books”?

Kwalified: Jimmy Taco just sent a text saying “Wanna b on a song w/ Copywrite and Tassho?” I said yeah. I had wanted to do work with Tassho for a bit, so I was stoked. Copywrite was an added bonus.

The song has received positive responses galore, what’s your take on the final product of the song?

Kwalified: I think we did a good job. There’s always something you can nitpick over after it’s out, but I feel like it was a solid track that was a throwback to 90’s era type tracks. At least the feel of it was. And it was pretty simple. A straightforward beat and 3 emcees just spittin’. A simple approach, I think people appreciated that.

What did you like most about the concept for the song and just the overall process in general?

Kwalified: As I was saying earlier, I liked the simplicity of it. We were 3 emcees who write, talking about writing and rhyming. We were just saying what we live. It’s real. That’s what I liked about it. As far as the process, I just liked being in the studio and getting work done. I wasn’t there when Copy recorded, but I was able to be in there with Tassho, Jimmy Taco, Christian M., and that was just alot of fun.

In your mind what makes Hawaii’s hip hop scene so dope?

Kwalified: I think Hawaii’s scene is so dope because there are so many talented folks doing so many different styles. There’s so much to choose from. It’s hard to get bored with the good stuff that’s coming out.

What’s on deck for you and your brothers of Ill Hill Society?

Kwalified: We have some super dope stuff in store. I can’t really go into full detail, but you guys will see in the upcoming months. Just be prepared for some dope stuff on the way.

Plugs, Praises, Shouts:

Kwalified: I wanna shout out my live band R-U-N, we’ll be playing at the Loft on November 26th as part of the Lyricist Loungin “Give Thanks” edition. Also shoutout to Creed Chameleon, Tassho Pearce, Jimmy Taco, everybody with FTB, K-Luv, Big Mox, Bless’d Chil’ everyone who’s supported me, and Ill Hill and R-U-N, shout out to Def and 4n Tongues, ALR, and everybody. There’s alot of people to show love to, I love all y’all. Haha

Link with the homey:

Twitter: @Kwalified808
Facebook: Kwalified’s page

Ill Hill Society’s page

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