Aloha Fridays w/ Tassho Pearce


Break down the concept of Aloha Fridays.
Tassho: As you may have heard I’ve got a mixtape coming out soon. To promote I have decided to link with international media giant to release a song every week until the release of my mixtape, Hi.Story. We are calling these weekly offerings Aloha Friday. We are hoping to spread some aloha all over the map by showcasing much of Hawaii’s local talent. I have already reached out to a handful of Hip Hop artists who all seem genuinely exited to contribute their talents to this project. I would list them all but we want every week’s special guests to be a surprise until we leak the cover art and the track.
Creed Chameleon has been a nice edition to Flip The Bird and you both lay it down hard on “Give It Up,” great way to give off the Aloha Friday series by the way.
Tassho: For week one of Aloha Friday I released a song called “Give It Up”. A song about staying true to yourself and remaining focused on your vision even if it seems like the whole world is against you. I wanted to highlight the first signee to our Flip the Bird family, Creed Chameleon. The reason I reached out to Creed to join our crew in the first place, aside from the fact my dude is a beast, is because I recognized his passion and commitment to this culture. I greatly respect his drive and commitment to Hawaii’s community, always ready to donate his time and efforts for many non profit groups.
Maineframe’s beat was crazy , what can you tell us about him? 
Tassho: Along with our first recruit we also got to showcase the newest member of Flip The Bird, Maineframe. He produced the track and also shot the video, which will be released very soon. His gritty production is just what the doctor ordered and set the tone magnificently. 
Week two is in the books (pun intended) and the buzz you’ve created will surely carry over to this week’s Aloha Friday release, where did the idea for “Books” come from?
Tassho: Week two came around faster than we expected and we found ourselves still super charged off of the great response from week one. The interesting part about this track, “Books” is this. the whole song was based off of an idea I had for the cover art. I wanted to showcase all of my rhyme books (well not all of mine.. I have more!).
What does your collection of rhyme books signify?
Tassho: I feel like each one represents a stage in my growth as an artist as well as an era of Hip Hop. if you look closely you can see a wide array of stickers Outkast to Lil Kim, to Dilated Peoples, to Q-Bert, De La Soul, and more. I just realized that I had those stickers on there way before I got to meet many of these artists and eventually work on music with them myself.
How did you end up linking with Copywrite and Kwalified MC?
Tassho: Creed told me about a time he had a studio session with Copywrite and he came in with a suitcase full of books. I knew then that I had to reach out to the Ohio state great. Luckily he was in town and was into the whole Aloha Friday concept. Kwalified came to mind when Taco and I were trying to decide who else we should put on this track. Everything I’ve heard about him was positive and many consider him one of the strongest rappers from our town. He came through with Jon Cozy, a producer in their group Ill Hill Society, and totally laid waist to the beat.
Who produced the track?
Tassho: The classic sounding track was produced by Abomb One and DJ Blam who is actually a staple in Hawaii Hip Hop. I feel like the chemistry for this track was amazing and I’m really proud to be a part of this record.
Free Downloads
“Give It Up”- Tassho Pearce ft. Creed Chameleon
“Books”- Tassho Pearce ft. Copywrite and Kwalified MC

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