Real Talk: DJ Soundsex Part 2

How do you like to make a crowd go nuts?
Well I believe timing and programing is everything. Every dj has those songs that just make the people move, but if not played at the right time, will be missed or unheard. Dj'ing is about showcasing a set, and deciding where each song is to be placed, it's an art of itself, quasi-creativity. Kind of like the museum curator who decides where the paintings go in the gallery. Its all art when you look at it, its up to the dj to display the masterpieces in a place they can be truly appreciated.

In order for a DJ to stand out, small impressions don’t matter much. How important is making a big impression musically?
I think you have to stand out not only by your music, but by your stage presence as well. I may have the exact same set as another dj at any given time, but its how I play them for you, through the mixology of it, and my reaction to the song itself. Even though I'm dj'ing, I'm also there to dance. Its almost like acting in a show, except my lines are the music I'm playing, all I need to do is express along with it. That's my approach anyway, every dj has their own.

Among all the DJs that do it for the love it, where do you think you stand thus far? Where is your rightful spot and where are you working yourself to be?
To me getting paid isn't something that I think I will ever get used to as an artist. I love what I do, and am almost always surprised when I get a payout at the end of my set. But I believe from a promoters prospective, paying an artist is not like paying an employee, its giving them the means to continue doing what they love, so they can continue entertaining us as viewers/listeners. I would just like to make enough money to not have to have a day job ever again, or wear a uniform. If I could have that, and my bills paid, I'd be content. But of course, having some luxuries in my life would be nice too!

You got promoters, the DJs and the scene supporters (just to name a few) they all play a huge role in building and maintaining a scene. How important is unity in this process?
Well for a scene as small as ours, I think UNITY is definitely a huge part of what will help us get further faster. If we work together to do events that don’t conflict as much as they compliment, we could really be getting somewhere. Right now everyone seems to have a goal in mind, and thats bringing people out to dance, that seems easy enough, but in all honesty, times are tough for the smaller promoter, and that can be a task of its own. I think if clubs take more risks, and work with new talent regularly, we could see the beginning of a new group of dedicated club goers emerge. I’d like to see more mainstream clubs taking the chance of having a “house” or an “electro” night. It seems logical, I mean we are probably the last city in America to have more hip-hop clubs that house clubs (Europe far surpasses America in electronic clubs as well.) Cities like LA, SF, NY, Miami, or Denver, have House or Electro as the standard, and the weekly hip-hop night for the rest of the crowd. Electronic music is blowing up all over the world, and I know Hawaii has a tendency to find out about things late, but seriously, lets get on this one folks.

How important is swag and style to your persona?
Haha.. is this a personal question? I mean my name is SoundSex, don’t you think my demeanor should match? πŸ˜‰

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