Real Talk: DJ Soundsex Part 1


What is the story behind the name DJ Soundsex?
Initially SoundSex started as a trio. I was working with Dj Trigg and Chase Wiggs on a live act and in the studio for about 9 months. Because of differences of our "goals" that we wanted to achieve with the success of the group, we opted to go our separate ways and pursue pathways as solo artists. When we first got together we went with the name T.H.E.M. (The House of Electronic Music). After about 4 months of using this alias I received an email from a group in LA going by the same acronym, T.H.E.M. (The Human Ego Maniacs). They informed me that they had a copyright and had been producing pop music since the late 90s and had a video on MTv2. When I looked further into our rights to use the name (since it stood for something different,) I found that the group was actually a "drag act" and had a completely different style than we were going for (and of course we didn't want too much confusion.. pun intended). So instead of fight for the name, we opted for the change. At first we were gonna tell them we changed our name to T.H.E.S.E. (these nuts b*tches.... see you in court!) But that was really just a joke between us! haha.. so after going through a few different names like SoundSeductions: too long, SoundSexuals: too risqué, agreed on SoundSex. After the 3 of us went our separate ways, because I was the front man, and creator of the group, I kept the name.

Years active?
My first club experience was before I was 10, but I began dj'ing when I was 13, just messing around with my older brother's (Dj Keoki) records and decks. My brother Kekoa and I formed an opening act for Keoki back in 1998, under the name Kibbles N' Beats. My first gig was at Venus, it was Gspot's event "Sexy Kitty" (Valentine's Day), and now that party is called Silky Love. I played throughout high school, and into college. In 2005 I found myself lost and taking a route that was difficult, and near impossible to gain any credibility or respect as an artist, involving drugs and alcohol, and decided to take a break from dj'ing in 2005, and didn't pick up another record until 2008, after seeking treatment for substance abuse. After perusing my DJ career again (this time in a sober state) my career has sky rocketed in "record" time! I am proud to say I am still sober, 2 and a half years, MUSIC being my ONLY drug.


What do you think your most known for?
Well people that know me probably think about how rare it is to see a dj/party animal, out and rockin with the best of them all night without drugs or alcohol. But people who don’t know me, probably just assume I’m wasted (especially because I can get pretty wild like the rest of them!) Like I said.. music is my drug.. and is oh so addictive!

Favorite Venues?
Right now I have a growing love for The Loft. I have recently been hired on as the promotions director and event coordinator. It’s my new “home” and I’m proud to be there for most of my time. I have a vision for The Loft as the new hot spot in the months to come, and my vision is definitely coming together everyday! I also have a deep passion for The Asylum. I have a semi-residency there, and you will probably catch me there almost every weekend dancing til sunrise. I also hold a residency at Next Door 2-3 times a month.

Favorite gigs?
I love to play out of town. I just got back from San Fransisco on Monday, after spending 4th of July weekend there. I played a 5 hour set at the legendary EndUp. It was an amazing experience. I like to show people in other places that not only does Hawaii have electronic dance music lovers, but we are cutting edge on our talent. I may come off as boasting in that last statement, but fact is, I do bring my best with me wherever I travel. On the flyer under my name it says “Honolulu, Hawaii”, and people are usually surprised with what they get on the dance floor, and I mean that in a very good way.

Right now I’m doing a weekly Saturday night event at the Loft called “Disko Erotecha”. We have been going for a little over a month now, and we have grown from a crowd of 15 to over 200 in attendance at our “Fashion – Fire – Dance” events (we do these at least once a month.) Its through the combined efforts of myself, Willis Haltom (Asylum), Caleb Shinobi (local celebrity model/designer/photographer), and Hawaii Fire Artists, that we combine these elements with a headlining act (old school or new) to have a party of multi-sided-art. Our next one will be July 31st, with Melleefresh & Spekr Freks (LIVE, Play Records, record release party), and Jona of “Grapevines LA.”

What do you stand for?
I’d like to think that I may stand for a new generation of electronic music lovers. Right now it seems as though the electronic scene still has the rep of being “only for the druggy”. Well, it may seem that way to most who don’t look further into it. But can we just assume these stereotypes forever? Do people who love The Grateful Dead or Pink Floyd still have to ingest massive amounts of acid to enjoy it? Do people who enjoy listening to rap have to carry a weapon or beat their “bitches”? haha.. no, I think not so.

As the dance scene in Hawaii continues to grow, how will you try to contribute to the movement?
I really want to see Hawaii’s electronic dance scene grow, above and in the undergound. We have so many talented artists and creative promoters, that I believe if we all start thinking bigger and better, we can see the scene match that of Miami’s or any other city in the world one day. We have all the makings of an amazing destination spot for electronic lovers, sunny beaches, beautiful clubs, and lots of talent to rock it. I don’t see why Hawaii cant be America’s Ibiza.


  1. Ur awesome! I love u and have sooo many great memories w u!! Sorry missed u at EndUp, but def won’t happen again!!!
    Im proud how far u’ve gone and how fun AND groovy u really are! No need for drugs,etc… Music is the High!!!
    Peace n luv n Phat Beats Always, Angel Baby

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